Mid Maryland Youth Football and Cheer League (MMYFCL) has designated divisions of play based on age and weight for football. Please note that MMYFCL no longer has the Older But Lighter (OBL) player structure. This means that older players will not be allowed to play with players two years younger than they are. For example, an 11yr old OBL can not play at the 7-9 level as a 10 yr old due to his birthdate.  This has been the most abused rule in all of youth sports.  The age determination date for the season is August 1 of each school year. 

We are proud to announce that beginning this season, the Red Stripe rule concept has been applied to all levels and will allow heavier players to play with their respective age group, but in a restricted role. These players may weigh over the maximum weight for an unrestricted player as specified in the chart below. This allows us to accommodate all players as opposed to turning players away due to weight issues.

 The below weight chart is without equipment. Coming Soon...

Pit Bull                  









Equipment Allowances (added to the above weights):


Division / Age Weight Allowance
Pit Bull (5-6) N/A
6-8 8 lbs
7-9 8 lbs
8-10 8 lbs
9-11 8 lbs
10-12 10 lbs
11-14 10 lbs


Example: A 10 year old player (8-10 level) may weigh up to 118 lbs.  110 lbs for actual weight plus 8 lbs for cleats, game pants, shoulder pads, jersey, and girdle/pads.  Also note MMYFCL will allow decimal places for the weights.  In this example, the player can actually be 118.9 lbs.  Once the player reaches 119 lbs or above, the player would not be allowed to participate in that game.