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Early Bird Registration is available Online Now!!! $175 until July 14...$210 After June 30  

Background Checks

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GFA - Background Screening Process Memo
One of our goals is to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants. Background checks are required by all coaches and volunteers to assist us in accomplishing this goal. If you wish to be a part of our organization, please complete the backgroud screening process ASAP. No Exceptions!!!!

Please click on the above attached memo from the National Center for Safety Initiatives regarding the background process. The background check will cost $16.00 and is valid for two years. Please note that this is now a requirement of the Mid Maryland Youth Football and Cheer League. In the event you can't open the PDF file, the website is www.ncsisafe.com and the registration number is 73148283.

Thank You!!!!