2018 Cheerleading

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Germantown Cheer 2017





Welcome to Germantown Cheer! We are happy to announce that our 2016 Cheer Program was another success.  The End of Year Mid Maryland Cheer Competition was a big hit and this year's should be even better!!  We also had great participation in Seneca Valley's Youth Cheer and Pom Night as 26 G-Town cheerleaders joined the Varsity Screamin Eagles to cheer on the hometown Eagles basketball team.  In addition, 22 G-Town cheerleaders took part in the Northwest Jaguar Cheer Clinic, culminating in a half-time performance at a Jaguar Varsity basketball game!  2017 promises even more! Visit our Facebook Page to view pics/videos from the 2016 season.

Our program will include ages 6 - 14 as of Aug 1, 2017 and again participate in the Mid Maryland Youth Football & Cheer League. We are currently seeking cheerleaders and coaches. The Cheer season runs from July to mid-November.  Our goal is to introduce participants to the fundamentals of cheerleading, as well as, assist in the development of self esteem, discipline, dedication, team work and good sportsmanship, all within a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition, we intend to promote the sport of cheerleading which will assist all of our participants as they move on to their respective high school programs.

2017 Early Bird Registration is now available online until June 10.  In-person registration will take place on TBD from 11 -12 noon at the Germantown Rec Center.   Please note that there is a 5.0% non-refundable online payment processing fee when paying by credit card. The Early Bird Registration fee is $100.00 ($150 after June 10)

Germantown Cheer will issue each participant a cheer skirt, vest, hair bow, socks, spanks, practice tee shirt, and pom poms. A $150 deposit check will be collected before these items are issued. These checks are not cashed and will be given back to you upon the return of your uniform and pom poms. In the event these items are not returned, not cleaned or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you will forfeit your deposit check.

Additional items to be purchased by participants are as follows:

Reebok Classic tennis shoes
Sofee Cheer shorts in orange or navy blue
Long sleeve white mock neck shirt
Warm Up suit (style TBD)
Cheer Bag (style TBD)


Germantown Cheer practice will begin in late July TBD at the Germantown Community Center at 6 pm. Practices are tentatively scheduled for 2 - 3 times per week from 6-8 pm. Individual teams/coaches may modify their schedule as they see fit. Additional practices may be required to prepare for special events throughout the cheer season. It is important that the squad practices regularly in order to learn the cheers, pyramids, stunts and dances they will perform. Practice not only polishes their individual and team performance, it also builds their self confidence.