Equipment Distribution

Equipment will be issued on Tuesday, July 24, 6:15-7:15 and July 28, 9:30-11:00 am at the Germantown Community Center. All fees must be paid in advance.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Germantown Youth Football
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Who can sign up?

Any player, ages 5-14 as of July 31, 2012, is eligible to play regardless of race, ethnic background or nationality. Each participant must register, and have valid Maryland Identification Card before practice starts. A Maryland Identification Card must be obtained from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and turned in to your coach or team mom by the end of the second week of practice. This requirement is imperative and is a rule established by the Mid-Maryland Youth Football and Cheer League (MMYFCL). No player may play high school football while playing for Germantown Youth Football. This applies during the Mid-Maryland Youth Football and Cheer League season (September thru December).

How much does it cost?

Basic registration fee for football is $185.00. This fee may change from year to year so please check the website or call the hotline for updated information. We do offer “Early Bird Registration” at a reduced price for all who register before June 1. Please note that we only accept cash or credit cards for the payment of all registration fees.

A separate $150.00 refundable deposit check will be required on equipment pick-up day for each set of tackle football equipment issued and will be returned at the end of the season when your child’s equipment is returned. This check is not cashed.

Can I get a refund if my child decides not to play?

Yes, but all refund requests must be received before the first day of practice. There will be no refunds issued after the first day of practice regardless of when you register. All refunds issued will be subject to a $50 admin charge. This may seem harsh but please understand that the club has made a sizable investment in equipment before practice begins. This equipment can not be returned to the vendor.

What can I have my child do over the summer to get ready for the first day of practice?

Although we do not require any player to “train” prior to the first day of practice, a player can implement their own plan that include push ups, sit ups, pull ups, hill running, endurance and flexibility. We highly recommend that players attend local camps sponsored by area high schools. However, no player should ever over extend themselves and make sure he/she has been physically examined by a medical doctor. VERY IMPORTANT: Every player should be hydrating their bodies throughout the summer. Many aches and pains can be avoided if a player’s body is well hydrated so drinking water all summer long will make the summer practices much more bearable.

When does football start? How often will we practice and where?

Practice starts on Wednesday, July 24 at the Germantown Community Center. All practices are Monday thru Friday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Scrimmage games will also be played on Saturdays. Please bring plenty of water to help maintain proper hydration levels during practice. After school begins, practices will be reduced to 3 days per week. Practice days may vary per team depending on field availability. All participants must practice in shorts and practice jerseys for 3 days before dressing out in the equipment. In addition, all participants must have paperwork completed and all fees paid before practicing. We do ask that you remain at the field with your child. Not only is it encouraging for your player but the weather changes quickly and it is the parents’ responsibility to maintain your child’s safety during weather delays and/or cancellations. The start date for Pit Bulls (5/6 yr olds) may be a week later depending on the date of the first game. Pit Bull practices are tentatively scheduled for 2 days per week.

What league is Germantown Football and Cheer affiliated with?

Germantown Football participates in the Mid-Maryland Youth Football and Cheer League (MMYFCL). MMYFCL was established in January of 2006 and is now the largest youth football league in the state with 30 participating clubs and 5 different levels of play. This allows us to place all players at the most appropriate level based on age and experience. MMYFCL also has an organized cheer program that culminates its season with a Cheer Competition at the University of Maryland.

Why does my child need an Identification Card and where do I get one?

Each child in the tackle program is required by the MMYFCL to have a valid Identification Card issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration for the sole purpose to identify each child during weigh-ins. Germantown Football collects and keeps the cards in a binder according to age group and will remain in their possession until the end of the season. ID cards need to be turned in by the end of the second week of practice. You are advised to get this card at your earliest convenience. Your child will not be allowed to participate in league games without it. You will need to take with you, your child’s birth certificate, social security card and your child, of course, to get his/her picture taken.

When is the first game?

Regular season games will begin on August 28 for most levels and most will take place on Saturdays, however, there have been Friday night games for the 10-12 and 11-13 levels in previous year. In addition, make-up games are typically played on Sundays. Our home field is located in Germantown at the Ridge Road Complex located on the corner of Rt. 355 and Rt. 27 (near the Milestone Shopping Center). Away games will take place in Howard, Carroll, Montgomery and Baltimore counties. Directions will be provided.

How many teams does Germantown have?

Based on the growth of our program that we have seen, we plan to field at least 14-16 teams total in all the different divisions. We target approximately 18 players per team. It can be a few more or less depending on our registration numbers.

How will team selection process take place?

Teams are selected based on an evaluation process that takes place during the first week or two of practice in order to determine each player’s skill level. At that time, the upper division team roster will be finalized and placed on the National team. The remaining players will be divided equally between the Centennial and Federal division teams.

What equipment does Germantown Football program provide?

Germantown Football issues all players a helmet, shoulder pads, game uniform and practice jersey. All players are required to wear an athletic supporter and cup which is not provided by the program. Players must also provide cleats, girdles, 7 piece pad set and mouth pieces. Mouth pieces must be attached to the helmet and cannot be clear or white.

What will happen if my child doesn’t make weight?

Players must be a full pound over to be deemed overweight for that week and be ineligible to play for that particular game. He/she must remove shoulder pads at the scale and turn his/her jersey inside out should he choose to remain on the sideline. He/she will be eligible to participate in the pre-game weigh-in procedure for the next weeks game.

I would like to help coach or volunteer in some way – are there openingsl?

Operating a non-profit organization with no permanent funding is not an easy task. As a result, we are always seeking good volunteers for various positions. We do believe parent participation is a vital component to our organization and strongly encourage it! There are various areas of volunteering that are always needed; assistant coaching, setting up and breaking down the field (before and after games), helping with equipment shed, holding yard markers and chains during games, and working the concession stand. During registration process, you will have the opportunity to indicate your area of interest and you will be contacted by a program representative. You can also email us at or call 301-428-0728. Please note that our organization is 100% volunteer, thus, no one is financially compensated.

Who do I call in the event inclement weather?

When weather becomes a factor, you can check the home page of this website for any cancellations at or call the hotline at 301-428-0728. It is extremely important that ALL parents/guardians are accessible in the event they are not at practice and the weather causes us to cancel. Please make sure your coaches know how to reach you at all times.

Who can I contact should I have further questions about the program or registration?

If you need additional information about our league, please send us an email at or call 301-428-0728.