• Independent Softball Association (I.S.A.)
    Central Jersey Softball League is a registered I.S.A. league

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  • Athletes Alley
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  • Listing of All Batting Cages in NJ
    Softball pitching options are fastpitch and slowpitch. ... Bergen Batting Center, located in the heart of Bergen County, is the premier Baseball and Softball facility in the ... Northern Shore Region NJ Ocean Sports Academy Ocean Twp NJ ...

  • ASA Non Approved Bat List
    BATS – Although we are a sanctioned ISA league, we follow the ASA bat list for league play. Any Non-ASA approved bat is not permitted and Managers need to down load this list which can be found at: http://www.asasoftball.com/about/build_batlist_one_page.asp and have it with them at the games. Any player caught using a non-approved ASA bat on the list or an Altered bat will receive an automatic 3 game suspension and in addition the team will forfeit the game on the spot. Any other bat (i.e. no ASA stamp the result of the play will be reversed and the batter is out and that bat is removed from the game)

    LEGAL BATS – MUST have the ASA 2000 or ASA 2004 Certified Logo stamp on it and cannot be on the non-approved list above. Managers MUST print out the non-approved list and have it with them (tape it to the inside of your scorebook). A legal bat cannot have any dents or cracks. If it does it cannot be used in league play. IMPORTANT – If a Bat cannot be clearly identified as a legal bat then the bat cannot be used.