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Central Jersey Softball Association, LLC - About Us

Central Jersey Softball Association, LLC is a sanctioned Central Sports Association (C.S.A.)/Sports Nation league, which offers sanctioned programs for Men's Modified Pitch, and Slow Pitch for Men's and Co-ed through out New Jersey. The Association was founded in 2009 and has built programs with input from the teams, umpires and league officials to provide a quality recreational experience for all levels of play.

In addition to helping teams find a league that offers them a fair and balanced competition level. We also have helped many individuals get back in the game. All leagues have free agents lists so individuals looking for teams to join can contact the leagues and sign up to get listed on the site.

In a partnership with the league officials (umpires/players/managers) the league will continue to pursue and enforce its mission statement of:

Athletic competition, at the community recreation level, can be a rewarding lifetime activity. The Central Jersey Softball Association (CNJSA) endeavors to provide a safe and enjoyable experience that is worthy of the time and money expended and an activity which can be enjoyed by an entire family. The end product, or the quality of the experience, will rest with the attitude each participant brings to the contest.

As a league, we hope the individual competitors will rely on an old standard------sportsmanship. Compete hard and compete within the rules. What society might see at the college or professional level does not necessarily enhance the experience at the community level. When the moment of frustration rears its head ---experience the moment and move on with the contest. Remember, enjoy the recreational activity for just what it is----a game. Pursue victory with honor.

Our leagues all have websites and can be founds as follows:
Modified Pitch Leagues - www.cnjsoftball.com
Men's Slow Pitch Leagues - www.cnjsoftballslowpitch.com
Coed Slow Pitch Leagues -  www.cnjsoftballcoed.com

National Organization: Central Sports Association/Sports Nation: www.centralsportsassociation.com