Team Accident Insurance

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Team Accident Insurance Program

*C.S.A. does not provide Team accident insurance in any of the leagues or tournaments.  Teams can use the C.S.A. insurance provider to obtain one at their own cost.  * C.S.A. is not involved in the insurance discussions/negotiations or purchases as we offer this to all C.S.A. sanctioned leagues and teams as a courtesy.

This information can also be found on the Central Sports Association website:

In order to apply for the team coverage the following criteria is required:
- All league teams must be C.S.A./Sports Nation sanctioned

- All teams must complete the C.S.A. waiver/roster form 
- Covers all team players in the event of injuries sustained during sports activity
- Policy declaration page will be given to teams once insurance is purchased from the provider

- All sanctioned leagues can also offer teams accidental medical coverage on a per team basis directly through the C.S.A. insurance company by going to this link:

- C.S.A. leagues that want to offer the insurance and have 6 or more teams please email: and we will then put you in direct contact with the insurance carrier who will provide your league a quote.