1.1       The organization shall be known as the Canadian National Oldtimers’ Baseball Federation Incorporated and to C.N.O.B.F Inc.

1.2       A member or member team must be from a Canadian city, town, county, etc., and must be in good standing, having paid all registration and other monies as required by the organization.


2.1       COMPOSITION:        There shall be an executive of up to twenty (20) persons consisting of the following positions:

2.1.1    President

2.1.2    Immediate Past-President 

2.1.3    Vice-President

2.1.4    Treasurer

2.1.5    Commissioner

2.1.6    Directors: thirteen (13): one (1) from each of the ten (10) provinces and three (3) territories

2.1.7    Website Manager

2.1.8    Each member of the executive shall have one vote.

2.1.9    If a position becomes vacant between election years, the executive may appoint a member to complete the term of the vacated position. 

2.2      ELECTION:

2.2.1    All executive positions shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in the even numbered years or by a mail vote by all eligible members.

2.3       TERM OF OFFICE:

2.3.1    Executive positions shall be for a term of two (2) years.

2.3.2    The term of office for executive members shall commence the day following the championship game in the over-35 age group tournament.


3.1       The constitution of the C.N.O.B.F. may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the members qualified to vote and present at the Annual General Meeting.

3.1.1    Team in good standing (Teams that have paid their annual fee whether they played in the current CNOBF tournament or paid the $50 annual fee for the current year

3.2       One vote per member or member team shall be granted.  Individuals representing a team vote shall be determined at the start of each Annual General Meeting.

3.3       The by-laws of the C.N.O.B.F. may be amended by a 1/2 majority vote of the members qualified to vote provided an e-mail was sent to all eligible voters.



1.1       to promote oldtimers’ baseball and good sportsmanship in Canada

1.2       to present opportunities to develop friendships among members

1.3       to conduct such business as is necessary to continue an annual tournament in any age group operated by the C.N.O.B.F. to carry out the instructions of the membership

1.5       to report to the membership at the Annual General Meeting

1.6       to establish and collect registration fees for Federation operations

1.7       to authorize the payment of expenses incurred in the operation of the Federation

1.8       to establish special committees, as necessary

1.9       to establish interim policies and to amend existing policies in order to facilitate the operation of the Federation.


2.1       PRESIDENT:    It shall be the duties of the President to:

2.1.1    be the chief spokesman for the Federation

2.1.2    co-ordinate all Federation operations

2.1.3    call and chair the Annual General Meeting and any other meetings as needed

2.1.4    prepare the agenda for the Annual General Meeting

2.1.5    award the annual tournament to a host

2.1.6    oversee the national tournament concerning scheduling, trophy speeches and trophy presentations

2.1.7    be a sign officer for the Federation's bank transactions

2.1.8    update Federation information for website manager 

2.2       IMMEDIATE PAST-PRESIDENT:   It shall be the duties of the Immediate Past-President to:

2.2.1    be a resource person for the President and the Executive

2.2.2    assume duties as assigned by the President or the Executive

2.3       VICE-PRESIDENT:  It shall be the duties of the Vice-President to:

2.3.1    assume the duties of the President upon the direction of the President or the Executive

2.3.2    assist the President as requested

2.3.3    call and chair meetings in the absence of the President

2.3.4    make relevant decisions about the content and style of the website with the Website Manager

2.4     TREASURER:  It shall be the duties of the Treasurer to:  

2.4.1    maintain an accurate account of all financial transactions

2.4.2    prepare an annual budget and financial statement

2.4.3    prepare and file income tax returns as needed   

2.5      COMMISSIONER:    It shall be the duties of the Commissioner to:

2.5.1   oversee the total operation of the C.N.O.B.F.

2.5.2   advise and assist all executive members in the execution of their duties

2.5.3   serve as a consultant on C.N.O.B.F affairs

2.5.4   update the Constitution when needed

2.6      DIRECTORS:    It shall be the duties of the Directors to:

2.6.1   represent their province or territory in Federation business

2.6.2   be a resource person for the president and the Executive

2.6.3   assist with disciplinary action as requested

2.6.4   solicit host teams for future tournaments in their province or territory

2.6.5   monitor the waiver program for their province

2.6.6   submit a provincial contribution/report for the newsletter (twice a year)

2.7    WEBSITE MANAGER:    It shall be the duties of the Website Manager to:

2.7.1  keep the Federation's information updated on the website

2.7.2  make relevant decisions about the contents and style of the website with the President

2.7.3  send out copies of the newsletters via e-mail where available



3.1.1    There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the members held on the day preceding the commencement of play in the over-35 age group tournament to carry out the following business:    amendment of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Playing Rules    election of executive members in even numbered years    receipt and consideration of executive reports    receipt and consideration of information from the membership    the Executive shall meet at the call of the President    a majority (51%) of the eligible voters shall determine the outcome of a vote    a quorum of 51% of the eligible voters is required to conduct business at the Annual General Meeting    eligible voters are one member of each team participating in the current tournament and each Executive member


4.1       The Treasurer shall prepare a financial statement for the Annual General Meeting

4.2       A recognized financial institution shall be used.

4.2.1    The signing authority shall be the President and the Treasurer.       

4.3       The annual membership fee is fifty ($50.00) to cover administration fees.

4.3.1    The due date for membership fees is the date of the Annual Meeting each year.

BYLAW 5:      AGE

5.1       Players must be at least 35 years of age during the tournament year.

5.2       Masters’ players must be at least 43 years of age during the tournament year.

5.3       Seniors' players must be at least 50 years of age during the tournament year.

5.4       Legends' players must be at least 57 years of age during the tournament year.

5.5       Verification may be requested: a driver’s license with a photo is preferred; a birth certificate is also acceptable.


6.1       Good discipline and sportsmanship must be practised to protect and promote the National Oldtimers’ Baseball Federation program.

6.2       The National Executive and the tournament committee shall jointly have the authority to determine appropriate disciplinary action.

6.3       The appeals committee shall consist of three Executive members not involved in the initial disciplinary action, and not a member of either team involved. Non-executive members on teams in good standing, and not involved in the incident under review, may be appointed to the committee.

6.3.1    An appeal must be filed within two (2) hours of any tournament suspension, or within fourteen (14) days of any C.N.O.B.F. suspension.

6.3.2    An appeal must be heard within one (1) hour at a tournament, or within fourteen (14) days otherwise.

6.3.3    The ruling of the Appeals Committee shall be final.


7.1       The host committee must conduct a four division (35 and over, 43 and over, 50 and over, 57 and over) tournament with no less than two (2) tiers per division after round-robin play; a minimum of 4 teams per age division per tier are required to compete for a trophy

7.2       Each team is to be guaranteed four games. The fourth game is to be a play-off round game.

7.3       The tournament schedule is to be approved by the President no later than June 30 of the tournament year, and before release to the participating teams.

7.4       The host team, with the President and host Provincial Director’s approval, may request that the host province teams play a qualifying game or series in order to control the number of tournament entries.

7.5       The tournament fee is $750 and must be paid in full by the Tournament Deadline of June 15th prior to tournament.

7.6       Teams are limited to a maximum of two games per day unless approved by the host and the CNOBF due to extenuating circumstances.

7.7       The CNOBF, in conjunction with the host, will prepare and release the tournament schedule.

7.8       The 35+ age division will be limited to a maximum of 16 teams.  The host area may have to conduct a local qualification round, if necessary, based on previous participation. 

7.9       Teams must declare ex-pros and U.S. players on the team's roster.  Such players will be required to obtain CNOBF approval to play. 


8.1       Each player must have signed a waiver form in order to be eligible to play. A copy of the team rosters will be sent to the diamonds where the games are taking place.

8.2      Approved rosters will be provided to teams at the Annual General Meeting