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Important Dates in June

June 15 - Entry Deadline for 2018 CNOBF Championship
June 16 - Welcome notification from Alf Blanchard
June 17 / 18 - CNOBF Executive will send out important forms which will be available on websites too

Mid July - CNOBF will send 2018 CNOBF schedule and any other information on tournament from the Executive

*** Look in Documents for 2018 Team Roster Form which must be printed and filled out ***


I am very pleased to announce that Tim Lessard will become the new CNOBF President effective immediately.
I know all of you will welcome and support Tim Lessard as he starts his new path as the CNOBF President.
Rich Knight will move into the Commissioners Position
Phil Beaudoin will remain on the executive as CNOBF Treasurer
Here is a message from Tim Lessard.......


My name is Tim Lessard and I have been offered the position of President of the CNOBF.
I have been playing vintage baseball for the Tecumseh GG's (Green Giants) since the 2008 season, during which I attended my first CNOBF tournament which was held in Hamilton.
In 2012 I took on the job as team manager and continue to do so, managing both our 45+ and 50+ teams during the regular season.  Since 2008, I have attended all but one CNOBF tournament!
My CNOBF career has been divided between playing with my GG's and for Rich Knight of the Oakville Golden A's. (If my GG's choose not to travel out of Province.)
As your new President, I look forward to the opportunity to work with all of you in building our CNOBF family so we can continue to travel throughout our great country, meet new friends and keep playing this great game of baseball for many years to come!
Yours in Baseball,
Tim Lessard

 About Us

The Canadian National Oldtimers' Baseball Federation is heading into its latest season of conducting a national tournament for baseball (hardball) players 35 years of age and over who are no longer interested in competitive senior baseball, but are seeking a way to continue playing a game they love. Players from across Canada come together on the first weekend in August for a four-day tournament.

We invite you to browse through our website. Find out about the history of the Federation, what happened at recent tournaments and most importantly what is coming up in our next tournament. Check out some photos. Read excerpts from newsletters, the rules and how to apply to host the tournament.

If you are interested in coming on board, we would be happy to chat with you and help you join our program.


Tim Lessard, President
or phone 226 345-1475


Please click on Bulletin Board for information on:

Calendar Events, FAQ, Newsletters, Player Pool, The Future, Tournament Bid Procedures and Tournament Info



The Canadian National Oldtimers’ Baseball Federation is looking for sponsorship for the annual tournament. Our participants are all over thirty-five years of age and therefore a sponsor with products or services of value to that age group would be most likely to reap the benefits.

In return for sponsorship we can assign the sponsor’s name to the tournament, to the divisions, and to the souvenir program cover. In addition a banner at the ball park(s) where the tournament is being played can be displayed. All media coverage would utilize the sponsor’s name with reference to the tournament’s name.

Anyone interested in discussing tournament sponsorship ideas should contact:

Tim Lessard

320 Runstedler St,.LaSalle, ON N9J3T2

Phone: 226 345-1475


Teams may wish to advertise their local tournaments. If you have a tournament you would like to have listed on this website please contact me at 
I will be happy to add your tournament info to the Bulletin Board - Tournament Info area. The page will be sorted by Province. If you have any photos you would like posted please include those in your e-mail.


2018 National Championships Charlottetown, PEI
Friday, August 3, 2018   9:00 AM