1.     WELCOME & OPENING REMARKS: - President, Rich Knight, welcomed the team representatives

                                                                             to Medicine Hat and the 2016  tournament. The schedule was             

                                                                            late getting out because of late decisions by a couple of teams.


2.     VOTING  PROCESS: No voting was done at the meeting. 

          A ballot will be sent out in the fall for any items needing voting. 


3.     ANNUAL REPORTS: MINUTES OF 2015 MEETING: posted on the website. Accepted as presented


                                                   FINANCIAL REPORT 2015-2016:  presented by Treasurer, Phil Beaudoin. The 

                                                                                                              balance was $ -47.92 due to the purchase of

                                                                                                              extra baseballs and the transition of financial awards to champions.  


                                                   PROPOSED BUDGET FOR 2016-2017: presented with a deficit of $325.00.  No

                                                                                                                     questions or concerns expressed.  


4.     TOURNAMENTS:  - 2017 tournament to be held in Hamilton, ON from August 4-7.  Phil Beaudoin

                                           (Hamilton) encouraged people to come and see the “new” Hamilton.


- Bids for 2018 in the Maritime Region are due by November 30, 2016.


5.     OLD BUSINESS:  Rich Knight clarified all questions about rules and explained the importance of the new

                                              insurance coverage required by all teams


6.     NEW BUSINESS: - Rich Knight discussed the possible increase in team entry fees for the tournament.

                                                After a brief explanation, the membership showed support for an increase for 2017

                                                to $650, if paid by May 31, 2017.  After that date, the fee is $750.  This would allow

                                                “the teams and the CNOBF to grow”.


                                   MOTION: Mike Burke (Scarborough) noted that two trophies were unnamed.  Mike

                                                     moved that the 50+ trophy be named the George Purdy Trophy and the

                                                     57+ be named the Rich Knight Trophy.  The motion was supported.


7.     HALL OF FAME: - Rich Knight announced that there was one inductee, but no name was given.  On

                                                Friday at Vauxhall Park, Lyle Lorenz (Red Deer) was inducted into the Hall of Fame

                                                between the first two 57+ games with the first four participating teams on the diamond together. Lyle

                                               was a leader in advocating for the 57+ age group.  


                   Rich encouraged the membership to find the people involved in the successful development of  the

                   National tournament program.  Forward nominees' names with information about their contributions         

                   to Rich Knight by February 28, 2017.


8.     CONSTITUTION / RULE CHANGES: - no discussion


9.     COACHES’ MEETING: - Rich Knight introduced Chad Foster, tournament chairman, who thanked all

                                                            his volunteer helpers.  He then introduced the head umpire, Dave Schibler,

                                                            who informed the teams that the umpires ranged in age from 23 to 72, and some had limited

                                                            experience.  “Their goal is to get the calls right regardless of what steps are needed”.


10. CLOSING REMARKS: - Rich Knight wished the teams good luck.