Builder Hall of Fame

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Gary Nielsen - Prince Edward Island

Presented by Phil Beaudoin


Alf Blanchard - Prince Edward Island


Presented by Rich Knight


Richie Knight (Oakville, ON)



Paul Carruthers (Dufferin-Simcoe, ON)


Bill Zimmer (Spring Lake, AB)


Paul Gould (Pleasant Valley, NS)






Lyle Lorenz (Red Deer, AB)

Lyle being presented to by Phil Beaudoin.


Sam Lamb (Tillsonburg, ON)


George Purdy (Pleasant Valley, NS)


At the CNOBF AGM held in Bramption July 31,2014 Phil Beaudoin was honoured as our first inductee into the CNOBF Hall of Fame.  Phil became our first president in 1994 and is the current treasurer.  Congratulations Phil and thank you from all the members of the CNOBF for your outstanding contribution.