OLDTIMERS (35 AND OVER) - Roy Boudreau Memorial Trophy:

Our original trophy honours the first Nova Scotia director on the national executive.  Roy was a strong vocal supporter of the national program.  In the first tournament in 1993 he was the manager of the Richmond Gannets (forerunners of today's Petit de Grat Red Caps).

Roy's concern was always for the improvement of the newly created National baseball program in Canada, and oldtimers' baseball in his home province.  He was a true gentleman, respected by all for his dedication to his family, his teaching profession, and athletics.

Roy passed away in 2001.

2019 Red Deer (AB) Generales

2018 Nova Scotia Mariners


2016 Edmonton (AB) Capital City Padres

2015 Yarmouth (N.S.) Gateways

2014 Burlington (Ont.) 49ers

2013 Capital Tiger (Alberta) Padres

2012 Woodslee (Ont.) Orioles

2011 Woodslee (Ont.) Orioles

2010 Cadogan Nitehawks

2009 Yarmouth Red Knights

2008 Burlington Black 49ers

2007 Burlington Black 49ers

2006 Petit de Grat Red Caps

2005 Tillsonburg (Ontario) Old Sox

2004 Tillsonburg (Ontario) Old Sox

2003 Tracadie-Sheila (New Brunswick) Aigles (Eagles)

2002 Oakville (Ontario) COLTS

2001 Regina (Saskatchewan) Ghosts

2000 Tracadie-Sheila (New Brunswick) Aigles (Eagles)

1999 Tillsonburg (Ontario) Old Sox

1998 Lumsden (Saskatchewan) Ghosts

1997 Belledune (New Brunswick) Moosehead Oldtimers

1996 Calgary (Alberta) Cardinals

1995 Calgary (Alberta) Cardinals

1994 Oakville (Ontario) OLD A’S

1993 Oakville (Ontario) OLD A’S

TIER TWO - Kindersley Trophy:

Kindersley, Saskatchewan was the first host from Western Canada in 1995.

In their annual 16 team tournament, the winners of each pool played against each other.  Not a new idea.  But the second place finishers in each pool, the third place finishers in each pool, and the fourth place finishers in each pool, also played off against each other.

This concept was the Canadian National Oldtimers' Baseball Federation's inspiration to go to a two tier play-off format, giving all teams in the tournament a final chance to win in a play-off round against teams with which they would be competitive.

2019 Carnduff (SK)

2018 Scarborough (Ontario) Maroons

2016 Carnduff (Saskatchewan)

2015 Regina (Saskatchewan) Drifters

2014 Brampton (Ont.) Gold Pioneers

2013 Regina (Saskatchewan) Drifters

2012 Petit de Grat (N.S.) Red Caps

2011 Petit de Grat (N.S.) Red Caps

2010 Haney Dodgers

2009 Burlington Black 49ers

2008 Hamilton Silverhawks

2007 Kindersley Klippers

2006 Medicine Hat Cardinals

2005 Truro (Nova Scotia) Stella Jones Bearcats

2004 Sask-Alta Twiliters

2003 Caraquet (New Brunswick) Moosehead Dry

2002 Hamilton (Ontario) Stealers

2001 Amisk (Alberta) Astros

2000 Truro (Nova Scotia) Stella Jones Bearcats

1999 Calgary (Alberta) Cardinals

1998 Amisk (Alberta) Astros

MASTERS (43 AND OVER) - Chuck Beaudoin Memorial Trophy:

This trophy honours the baseball convenor of the first national tournament held in Hamilton in 1993, who also worked on the host committee in 1996.  Chuck was a talented player, respected by his teammates and opponents.  He was a dedicated educator and an organizational leader both in oldtimers' baseball and in fund raising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation throughout the Halton District School Board, which named one of its schools in his honour.

Chuck was a founding member of the Hamilton Oldtimers' Baseball Organization and is a member of its Hall of Fame.  He passed away in 2000.

2019 Scarborough (Ont) Maroons

2018 Scarborough (Ont) Maroons

2017 Scarborough/Burlington

2016 Westlock (AB) Lions

2015 Scarborough (Ont.) Maroons

2014 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2013 Regina (Saskatchewan) Ghosts

2012 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2011 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2010 Dufferin-Simcoe (Ontario) Rockers

2009 Dufferin-Simcoe (Ontario) Rockers

2008 Oakville Golden A's

2007 Oakville Golden A's

2006 Barrie Red Sox

2005 Dufferin-Simcoe (Ontario) Rockers

2004 Spring Lake (Alberta) Masters

2003 Oakville (Ontario) Golden Aces

2002 Tecumseh (Ontario) Green Giants

2001 Tecumseh (Ontario) Green Giants

2000 Tecumseh (Ontario) Green Giants

1999 Tecumseh (Ontario) Green Giants

1998 Red Deer (Alberta) Pro Collision Carstars

TIER TWO - Phil Beaudoin Trophy:

2019 Not awarded

2018 Medicine Hat (Alberta)

2016 Riverhurst (SK) Thumpers

2015 Not Awarded

2014 Not Awarded

2013 Not Awarded

2012 Scarborough (Ont.) Maroons

2011 Scarborough (Ont.) Maroons

2010 - Not awarded

2009 - Not awarded

2008 - Not awarded

2007 Burlington Grey 49ers

2006 Hamilton Stealers

2005 Simcoe (Ontario) Vintage

2004 Chatfield (Manitoba) Cardinals

2003 Not Played For

2002 Chippiwa (Ontario) Indians

SENIORS (50 and Over): Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy

Named after the second CNOBF president, Paul Carruthers is a member of the "Ontario Wall of Fame".  He was part of the Oakville team that won the 2nd annual 35 and over CNOBF championship in Yarmouth.  Paul was the chief organizer of, and ambassador for the Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers who won the 2005 and 2009 44+ CNOBF championships.

Paul was a big man with a big heart and a lovable personality to match.  He passed away in 2010, but his team won the 2010 championship, intensely inspired by his memory.  His personable leadership is sorely missed to this day by all the members of the oldtimers' baseball community.

2019 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2018 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2017 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2016 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2015 Oakville (Ont.) Golden A's

2014 Spring Lake (Alberta) Masters

2013 Pleasant Valley (N.S.) Lakers

2012 Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers

2011 Red Deer (AB.) Snowbirds

2010 BC Capitals

2009 Pleasant Valley Lakers

2008 BC Capitals

2007 Red Deer Vision Air Snowbirds

TIER TWO : Unnamed

2019 Not awarded

2018 PEI 50's

2017 Not Awarded

2016 Not Awarded

2015 Not Awarded

2014 Happy (BC) Islanders

2013 Courtney Happy (BC) Islanders

2012 Pleasant Valley (N.S.) Lakers

2011 Pleasant Valley (N.S.) Lakers

2010 Richmond Monarchs


SENIORS (57 and Over):

TIER ONE: Unnamed


2019 Happy (BC) Islanders

2018 Red Deer (Alberta) Legends

2017 Oakville Golden A's/Happy (BC) Islanders

2016 Happy (BC) Islanders

TIER TWO: Unnamed