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1.  Every kid sits only 1 inning per game.  That means each player has to set once before you can set your 1st kids that set.

for example if you have 14 kids on your team all 14 have to set before you can start the rotation again.

2.  Every kid bats. Maximum of 9 kids on the field. Free substitution.

      Pitching Machine, Rookie, Minor, and Major will make a batting line up for the whole season.

      You will use the same batting line up until the tournament.  Example in game 1 if your 10th batter was your last out of game,  on game 2 you start your         11th Batter as lead off.  This way everyone gets equal batting time.  When tournament starts go back to regular way of doing line up.

3.  Play with however many kids show.  You may NOT recruit any NEW Players.

4.  Pitchers may pitch 2 innings per game.

5.  You MUST pitch a YOUNGER pitcher each game.  (3 outs or 6 batters!!)

     Exception for 15-18 year old league you do not have to use a younger pitcher.  This exception is for 2019 season only!

6.  You may reenter any pitcher/

7.  New pitchers get 8 warm-up pitches.  Maximum of 6 warm-up pitches for returning pitchers.

8.  Only 8 runs can score per inning In minor, major, and Babe Ruth league.  Only 5 runs can score per inning in pitching     machine and rookie league.

9.  You can end a game in a tie. (except for the tournament).

10. Absolutely NO intentional walks.

11. No new inning in pitching machine (6,7,8) after 50 Minutes or 5 innings.

12. No new inning in Rookie Kid Pitch (7-8) after 1 hour, or 5 innings.

13. No new inning in Minors after 1 Hour and 15 minutes or 6 Innings.

14. No new inning in Majors after 1 Hour and 15 minutes on nights there are 2 Games.  6 innings or no new inning after    8:00 on Single Game  Nights.

15. Babe Ruth 13-14 Will Go 1 Hour and 30 Minutes or 7 Innings..

16. Babe Ruth 15-18 Will go 1 Hour and 30 Minutes or 7 innings.

17. Please Keep The Games Moving.

18. Umpires must start games on time and watch warm up pitches.


20. Score will be kept, however, standings will not.  Scorekeepers still need to set in the tower. THIS IS A MUST.

21. Babe Ruth league is Wood bats only

22. This is a learning league.  Please teach the game of baseball to all players, to prepare for spring. 

23. HAVE FUN!!