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Registration Info

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Registration Info and Tips:


We are using the Blue Sombrero registration system this year.  You will be setting up a family account that can be accessed for future registrations with us.  If you encounter any problems, please email or call Mary Kay @ 610-293-0337 and I’ll try to help.



If you are having difficulty with the Blue Sombrero website and need technical assistance with your account, please see the Registration FAQs link on the bottom right side of the registration page. 


PLEASE WEIGH YOUR TACKLE PLAYER PRIOR TO STARTING THE PROCESS!  Just enter the whole number in pounds.  We do get an accurate weight in August, but this helps us start assigning kids to teams based on the Pop Warner Age/Weight Matrix. 

(weights not needed for cheer or flag participants)


As part of the process, you will be asked to print out some hard copies of forms that need to be completed and turned in to fully register your child. These include:

·         2017 Pop Warner Medical Form  (can be printed double-sided)

·         2017 Player/Participant Contract  (can be printed double-sided)

·         Bux-Mont League Emergency Treatment Form

·         Financial Aid form if needed


You will also be asked to provide the following documents:

  • ·      A clear COPY of your child’s birth certificate if your son/daughter did not participate in the fall 2016  season.  Please make sure no information is missing /cut off on the copy.
  • ·     A wallet sized photo (roughly 2x3 inches) of your child alone from this year (school photo, other sports photo, or a clear snapshot of head/shoulders) You can use one you have, make a regular photocopy of it,  or take it and print on standard computer paper.  Does not need to be fancy, just clear.
  • ·     Two copies of your child’s report card from the 2016-2017 complete school year (you won’t have this part until June).  We need all pages, including the part that shows the grading scale.  If your child only gets a year-end progress report that has no grading scale, please send the report.  If your child is too young (pre-K, etc) and has no report of any kind, just include a quick note indicating such.


In addition to mailing in the forms, you may use the white RYR 5 gallon bucket on my front porch.


Radnor Young Raiders

c/o Mary Kay Church

14 Fariston Rd

Wayne, PA 19087