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2006 Rainer Cup

October 7, 2006

Michael had a bye in football this week so he entered the 2006 Rainer cup where he won the Gold medal. Michael made quick work of each of his 1st two opponents scoring Ippons within seconds of both matches. It took a little longer in his 3rd match as his opponent blocked Michael’s throw attempt in the opening seconds of the match. However, Michael was able to throw his opponent for no score in the 1st 10 seconds of the match and immediately execute a legs in half nelson turn for the pin to end the match.

Eric had a football game and didn’t compete today.

2006 USA Judo Jr. Olympic National Championships: Michael Silver Medalist, Eric Bronze Medalist

July 8, 2006
Michael wins the Silver Medal in his 1st Judo Nationals and Eric wins the Bronze.

Michael came away with the Silver Medal competing in his 1st Jr. National Judo Championships. Michael was very dominant in all of his matches going undefeated in route to winning the “winners” side of the bracket. Along the way, Michael defeated a 5 time CA. State Champion, Haykaz Oganyan, who according to his coach, had not lost a match in 5 years. Haykaz went on to win the losers side of the bracket. At this tournament, they used a true double elimination meaning that Haykaz, with only one loss, would fight Michael again and if he could beat Michael twice, Haykaz would win the Gold. In the 1st rematch, Michael took and early lead. With about a min remaining in the match, Michael caught an elbow to his eye as Haykaz tried to counter a throw. After receiving a look by the doctor, the match continued. Michael was a bit hesitant in his attacks after the hit to his eye. As Michael went in for a pick up technique, Haykaz was able to counter the attempt and throw Michael for Ippon to win the match earning another match with Michael. In the final match to determine the Gold medal winner, Michael changed up his technique and immediately took Haykaz to his back and held him in a pinning combination. Michael was unable to hold him long enough to win the match. After a restart, Michael again attacked but was off on his grip allowing Haykaz to again counter and throw Michael for an Ippon to win the match dropping Michael to the Silver Medal.

This was Eric’s 4th Jr. National Championships. Eric added the Bronze medal to his Gold and Silver Medals and 4th place finish. Eric started with a quick victory in his 1st match scoring with a beautiful pick up technique. In round two, Eric met his main Nationals rival, Serge Bouyssou from RI, who is the 2005 USJF Jr. Nationals Champion and the 2006 USJA Jr. Nationals Champion. In 2003 Eric defeated Serge in route to Eric’s Gold medal win at Nationals and last year, Serge defeated Eric in the Gold medal match at Nationals. This year’s addition was a war. The two battled back and forth with neither able to score. Then with less than a min remaining, Eric pressured hard on the attack and Serge hit him with a nice Tomoe-nage for a Waza-ari. Eric was in danger of losing with short time remaining. Serge went defensive as Eric attacked and drove Serge out of bounds, Eric scored on Shido. Serge shot in on a double, which Eric defended well. Eric again scored on Shido as Serge held Eric’s pant leg. They restart with 4 seconds remaining. Eric attacked hard driving Serge out of bounds at the buzzer and scoring on another Shido to tie the score taking the match to overtime. In overtime, Eric attacked immediately with Serge countering with another Tomoe-nage. This time, Eric was able to cart wheel and round off to avoid giving up a score. At the restart, Serge shot in on a double, Eric pulled him to his feet and executed a perfect Uchi-mata to score and win the match. It was a great match that totally drained Eric. 10 min latter Eric was back on the mat again. Eric lost the match, to the eventual Champion, in a match that he just didn’t have any energy left. Eric fought his way through the loser’s bracket where he again met Serge in the Semi finals. Their 2nd meeting on the day was just as tough and great as the 1st. Eric was able to get the win late in the match by hitting a nice pick up technique into a pin to score an Ippon. Again Eric was completely drained from his match with Serge. To get back into the finals, Eric had to get one more win. 5 minutes after his match with Serge, Eric had to fight again. Eric started strong but after about a min, started to run out of gas. Eric ended up losing the match by penalty score ending his run at the Bronze Medal.
It was a good season by both Eric and Michael. They trained hard and both came away with a top 3 placing at Nationals. The boys’ main Judo training partner, Jesse Peterson, also had a nice run coming away with the Bronze Medal in his 1st Jr. Nationals. After a short break from training, the three of them will be back at it training for next years Nationals in Indianapolis, IN.

Michael and Eric win Budokan Tournament

May 27, 2006

Eric and Michael both went undefeated in route to winning the 2006 Budokan Judo Tournament.

Michael won the 7-8 year old middleweight division by scoring an Ippon in each of his three matches. Michael scored with nice pick-up techniques in each of his matches ending each match in less than 15 seconds. Michael once again met his training partner Garrett in the finals. This time Michael was able to score an Ippon quickly to end the match.

Eric won the 9-10 year old lightweight division. Eric won round one with a left sided Osoto-Gari for Ippon in the opening seconds of the match. In round two Eric met one of his wrestling/judo training partners, Chris Villani. Eric won the match by scoring 2 yukos without giving up any score. In round three Eric scored an Ippon with a beautiful Morote-Gari in which he lifted his opponent high into the air and drove him into the mat for the Ippon.

Michael and Eric now train for Judo Nationals held July 7-8 in San Jose CA

Eric throwing for Ippon: NW Championships

May 6, 2006

Eric took 1st place today at the Seattle Dojo NW Championships. Eric missed nearly the entire Judo tournament season this year due to injury. Today was his first Judo tournament since Nationals last July. Eric started by winning his first two matches with nice throws for Ippon and followed up by winning his final two matches with partial scores on throws then pinning his opponents for Ippons.

Michael was unable to compete today. Both Michael and Eric will be competing again on May 27th at the Budokan tournament.

Emerald City Open Championships (Michael throwing for Ippon)

April 1, 2006

Emerald City Open

Michael took 2nd place today at the Emerald City Open Championships. In his first match he scored a quick Ippon by hitting a beautiful Hari-goshi. In round two he again hit a Hari-goshi to score another Ippon in the opening seconds of the match. In round three Michael met his main training partner Garrett Dean. Michael attacked through out the match but was unable to score. While attempting an inside foot sweep, Michael fell to his hip scoring a Koka for Garrett which was enough to win the match for Garrett. Garrett knows Michael very well and fought a very smart match and came away with his 2nd win ever over Michael. Good job Garrett.

Eric was unable to compete today. His finger is in a splint after hurting it in wrestling practice this past week.

2005 USJF Jr. National Championship Report

July 9, 2005

Eric traveled to Irvine, CA for the USJF Jr. National Judo Championships held July 8-10th. Eric competed in the 9-10 yr old 30KG division. And what a bracket it was. 45 of the top 9-10 yr old Judo players from around the country. Heading into these Championships, this group had Four Jr. National Championship Gold Medals, Four Silver Medals and three Bronze Medals as well as other Nationals placers, multi State Championships, an International Tournament Champion as well as many other high level tournament Champions. The bracket was considered by many to be the most difficult of this years day one of competition.

To take first place, the Champion would need to win six straight matches. Lose in the first round, and it would take 10 straight wins to take the Silver Medal. Eric started out strong against some very tough competition. He won four straight in dominate fashion with big throws for "Ippon", the equivalent of a KO in boxing, within the first 30 seconds of the match. Two more wins would take the Gold.

In round Five, Eric faced Serge Bouyssou from RI. Serge has been competing in Judo for 6 years now and has many top three finishes in both National and International competitions. Eric faced Serge back in 2003 at the USJA Nationals in Ky. On that day, Eric threw Serge for a full Ippon in route to Eric's Gold medal. This day would be different. Eric attacked immediately with a Pick-up throw. From the sidelines it looked as though Eric had him once again, however, Serge counterd Eric's throw by forcing his leg outside Eric's legs and hitting a beautiful O-Guruma throwing Eric for an Ippon(See photo below), handing Eric his first defeat in over a year and knocking Eric out of Gold medal contention. Serge went on to Win round six in overtime by a Shido(Pentaly koka) to take the Gold Medal.

To get back into medal contention, Eric needed to win two in a row, three to take home the Silver. Eric took his loss hard. He had not suffered defeat on the Mat, in wrestling or Judo, in over a year. Eric had a streak of 89 straight wins without defeat. The only mark on Eric's record in the past year was a "DQ" for what the ref called an attemped choke against his good friend and training partner Jesse Peterson.

In round six and seven Eric took out his frustration from round five on his opponents. He hit a throw for a Wazari in round six and as his opponent attempted to belly out, Eric pounced on his opponent's back, sunk in his legs and hit a nice turn into the pin which he held for another Wazari and the victory.

In round Seven Eric attempted another Pick-up thorw with-in the first seconds, the same throw which Serge was able to counter, this time Eric hit it perfectly and got the Ippon for the victory, putting him into the Silver Medal Match.

Round eight was against the kid that took Serge to overtime in the Gold medal match. He had lost to Serge by being hit with a Shido(Pentalty Score), the only score of the match. This match with Eric went the distance. Eric was able to control the match from the start. He scored a Yuko at the start than fought more conservatively, protecting his lead. He got the victory, and the Silver Medal, by scoring a Yuko and than a Koka on throws and a second Koka on a Shido. Eric gave up a Koka on a minor throw, the only thorw for a score against him in his seven wins.

Along the way to his Silver Medal, Eric defeated the 2005 USJA National Champion, the 2004 USJF & USJA National Champion, the 2004 USJF National Silver Medalist, the 2004 USJF National Bronze Medalist
and three of the top CA. kids. Eric had a great day.

In recognition of Eric's outstanding performance, the USJF awarded Eric with the 2005 Nationals "Outstanding Sportsmanship" Award.
Eric getting countered, costing him the Gold at the USJF National Championships and ending his winning steak at 89 wins in a row.

Continental Crown Report

June 11, 2005
On 6/11/05 the Continental Crown, A National "E" Level Judo Tournament, was held in the Seattle area for the first time in its 22 year history.

Michael was entered in the 6yr old, under 60lb division and took 1st place.
In Michael's first match he had Sand Parker. Michael attacked with a Harai Goshi to start the match which was blocked well by Sand. Michael immediately followed the Harai with a beautiful Osoto Gari for an Ippon to win the match.
In Michael's second match, he met Luke Jackson. Luke and Michael both attacked at the start of the match with Michael gaining the inside position and executing a Harai Goshi for an Ippon for his second win.

Match three was against Michael's main training partner, Garrett Dean. These two know each other very well having been practicing against each other for the past three years and competing against each other at every tournament. This match went the distance with Micahel winning by scoring a Waza-ari in the middle of the match with a Pick-up technique and a Yuko on a Morote Gari late in the match. It was a hard fought match by both Garrett and Michael. Garrett went on to take 2nd place.

Eric was entered in the 9-10 yr old, under 70lb division and took 1st place.

Eric's fist match was against an opponent he had never competed against, Tyler Thalhammer, from the OTC in Denver, CO. In the opening seconds Eric attacked with a Pick-up scoring a Waza-ari. They landed out of bounds and restarted. Eric continued attacking but was unable to score until late in the match when he scored a Yuko on another pickup. This time Eric was able to secure a Yoko Shiho Gatame for the Ippon.
In his second match Eric met Alex Stubbins. Alex always fights hard and has met Eric on many occasions this season. In this match Eric attacked with another pick-up to score an Ippon and get the win.

Match three was against Eric's good friend and training partner Jesse Peterson. Eric has been working on Jesse to start Judo for the past two years which Jesse finaly did this spring. Jesse is one of the top wrestlers in the west, if not the entire country, and while new at Judo, he brings a lot of experience to the mat. These two met a few weeks earlier at the Budokan tournament where Eric received a Hansoku-Make(DQ) for what the ref called an attempted choke. Jesse went on the take 1st in that tournament. In this match Jesse attacked right away with a Morote-Gari which Eric blocked and counter attacked with a nice pick-up with good elevation, rotating Jesse to his back for an Ippon and the win. Jesse went on to take 2nd.