Wrestling Page 05/2006 Eric

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Welcome to Eric's 2005/06 Wrestling Page

Season record: 46-7 Overall Record: 251-34
2006 Freestyle and Greco Roman State Champion and Folkstyle Bronze Medalist

2006 Greco Roman State Champion

April 29, 2006

Eric Scores a fall at State

April 22, 2006

Eric Gutting Dillon

March 18, 2006

Eric vs Jake

March 25, 2006

Another Fall

March 11, 2006

Sinking the legs on a turn

February 25, 2006

Wrestling Gino

February 25, 2006

Eric Hitting a Gut Wrench

February 25, 2006

It's Freestlye Season

February 26, 2006

Wrestling Casey

January 21, 2006

Time to start the 2006 season

Eric scores a fall in his 1st match of the year

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