Bulldawgs Page 2006 Michael

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Welcome to Michael's 2006 "Bulldawgs" Page

Michael: Richmond Bulldawg 89er


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2006 89er Bulldawg Blue

Michael closing in on the tackle

September 30, 2006

Michael on the Line

September 16, 2006

Michael (8) Blocking

Michael Ready on the O line

September 7, 2006

Michael on the Sack: Goal line Stance to win the game

September 16, 2006

Michael Playing on the D line

September 16, 2006

And the D line

Jamboree 2006 89er Bulldawgs

August 26, 2006


Michael closing in for his 1st Sack of the year

August 26, 2006

Coach Getting the Dawgs ready

Set on the "D" line

Michael (Center) trying to get to the QB

August 17, 2006

Ready to make a Solo Tackle

It's Scrimmage time. 1st one.

August 15, 2006

Michael Sealing off the end

August 15, 2006

Michael Blocking on the Line

Michael On Defense Looking for the Ball

Michael Blocking his man out of the Play

Michael Playing Offensive Tackle

August 15, 2006

Water Break

"Bulldawg" Season Has started

August 7, 2006

1st week of practice

Hitting the blocking dummy

Michael # 24 Practice Jersey