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Greco Roman State Championships

April 29, 2006
Eric won the 2006 Greco Roman State Championship, his 3rd Straight Greco title and 6th of past 7 State Wrestling Championships.

Eric finished the 2006-wrestling season by winning his 3rd straight Greco Roman State Championship. Eric went undefeated on the day and was able to score a beautiful “5” point throw in his 1st match. Eric has now gone 3 straight years without losing a Greco match and has won every Greco match over 3 years by Tech fall or Pin.
Eric finished the season with a 46-7 record having lost to 4 different wrestlers. Eric was able to come back and defeat 3 of the 4 wrestlers in rematches late in the season. He did not have the opportunity for a rematch against the 4th.
It was another great year of wrestling for Eric. He won the Freestyle and Greco Roman State Championships and won the Bronze Medal in the Folkstyle State Championships. Eric is taking a week off then prepares with Michael for the Judo National Championships held on July 7-8th in San Jose, CA

Michael & Eric win Freestyle State Championships

April 22, 2006
Freestyle State Championships

Michael and Eric both won their 2nd Freestyle State championship, 5th overall Wrestling State Championship for Eric, this Saturday.

Michael finished an undefeated Freestyle Season, 26-0 in route to his championship. He was 5-0 on the day winning all his matches by Tech Fall or Pin and giving up only 4 points on the day. Michael was very impressive once again. All season long Michael has worked hard at developing a great double leg take down, which he has done. Today, he threw off all his opponents by going to his throws and defensive counters with nice low and high gut wrenches to bang out his victories. He has improved greatly this season and is already talking about next season when he moves up to the Midget Division. Michael’s wrestling season is over. Michael finished the season with a 59-2 record having only lost to 1 wrestler. He’s taking a week off than he starts training for Judo Nationals held July 8th in CA.

Eric was equally impressive today. He did suffer one loss on the day, to Mike Moniz. Moniz has lately been wrestling in the 85lb division but came all the way down to the 75lb division for the State Championships. Moniz is a formable opponent having been wresting as long as Eric at a very high level and is considered one of the top kid wrestlers in the State. Eric met him in round 4, after both Eric and Moniz pinned each of their opponents in the 1st 3 rounds. Eric came out strong in round one scoring a quick tech fall to win the round. Round 2 started out the same with Eric jumping to a big lead. Late in the round Moniz took a shot in which Eric locked up a head lock and attempted to hit a chin whip which Moniz was able to defend tuning Eric to his back and rolling him for 2 more points as time expired to win the round. Round 3 started like the 1st two with Eric jumping to a 3-0 lead. With 30 seconds to go and needing a score, Moniz took a shot, which Eric defended well. All Eric needed to do was spin behind for 1 point and close out the round and the match with a victory. Instead Eric attempted a headlock run over which Moniz defended well dropping Eric right to his back and scoring a fall in the closing seconds of the round. It was the 1st time Eric has loss by fall in 6 years. Eric regrouped and defeated Justin Mitchell in the cross over by tech fall earning a rematch with Moniz in the finals. In the championship match against Moniz, Eric wrestled smarter staying away from headlocks. In round 1 Eric executed a nice lifting double leg take down to jump to a quick 3-0 lead however, Moniz was able to hit a crotch throw to score 2. Needing a score with time running out, Moniz shot in for a takedown, which Eric was able to defend and hit his own crotch throw to win the round 5-2. Round 2 started with Eric hitting a nice double leg in which Eric rolled Moniz to his back but was unable to score the fall. Eric took a 2-0 lead. Moniz took the next shot, which Eric worked hard to defend but Moniz was able to spin behind to score 1. With time running out and a 2-1 lead, Eric took another shot which Moniz defended, locking up Eric’s head and hitting an Olympic roll for 2 to take a 3-2 lead with seconds to go. Eric fought hard as Moniz tried to roll him again. With his head locked in a tight headlock, Eric fought to grab Moniz’s legs and elevated them putting Moniz on his back and forcing him to let go of Eric’s head scoring 2 for Eric to regain the lead 4-3 as time expired in the round to win the match and his 2nd Freestyle State Championship, Eric's 5th State Wrestling Championship overall.

Next week is the Greco State Championships, which Eric has won the past 2 years in a row. He hopes to make it 3 in a row.

NWWC Ultimate Freestyle & Greco: Eric hitting a take down

April 8, 2006
Michael completes an Undefeated Regular Season by taking 1st place and Eric takes 1st in both Greco and Freestyle.

After missing the past 2 weekend tournaments, Eric returned with a vengeance dishing out serious punishment in each of his matches in route to taking 1st place in both Freestyle and Greco today. Eric won all 7 matches by either a Fall or Tech Fall without giving up a single point. Eric’s finger is still sore but it should be fine for the State Championships in 2 weeks.

Michael had another great day of wrestling. He took 1st place again today. He has now won every regular season tournament of the 2005/06 season, 12 straight tournaments. He’ll be working hard the next two week to prepare for the Freestyle State Championships. Today he went undefeated to include another win over Kylar P., the 2006 65lb Folkstyle State Champion. Kylar will be looking for a rematch at the Freestyle State Championships in 2 weeks.

Steel Claw Classic : Michael scoring a fall

March 25, 2006

Michael had another great day today winning the Steel Claw Classic by scoring 2 falls and 1 tech fall without giving up a single point on the day. Michael continues to improve each week and has now won 16 straight and improved to 49-2 on the year.

Eric was ill today and did not wrestle.

Chehalis Open

March 18, 2006
Michael Takes the Gold and Eric the Bronze

Michael won 1st place again today. He went 4-0, to include a tech fall win over Kylar P., the 2006 65lb folkstyle State champion, without giving up a single point in any of his matches. Michael continues to improve each week. He wrestled very well hitting many nice deep double leg takedowns followed by nice turns to end each round quickly. Michael improves his record to 46-2 on the season.

Eric had a rough day today. He came away with a 3rd place finish. For the 1st time in over 4 years, Eric lost 2 matches in a regular season tournament. His 1st loss came to Jake Valarde in another very good tough Match. Jake won the 1st round 4-2 on a 2-0 point score awarded by the ref to Jake that I couldn’t figure out how he saw it that way, I saw it 3-2 Eric. Eric came back to win the 2nd round 6-0 then got caught in the 3rd round in an arm bar that he just couldn’t get out of costing him the round 3-1. Eric suffered his second loss later in the day to Justin Mitchell. Eric won the 1st round 6-3 then lost round 2 3-2 and round 3 2-1. Justin wrestled very smart and did a great job. Eric will have to wrestle smarter next time if he expects to come away with a victory.

Bellingham Open: Eric scoring a fall.

March 11, 2006
Eric and Michael both took 1st place today. Eric went 5-0 on the day as he moved up to 75lbs to wrestle Jake Valarde. It was a great match with Eric winning round 1 with two nice 3 point throws and hitting 1 more 3 point throw in round 2 to bang out a tough win over a top notch wrestler. Jake was a Novice Division Freestyle & Greco Roman state champion in 2005 as well as the Folkstyle silver medallist.

Michael had a good day as well in going 4-0 on the day. Michael got his 100th win of his career today as well as win 101 and 102.

Rhino Open

March 4, 2006
Eric lost his 1st freestyle match since 2004 today. And he lost it to the last wrestler who defeated Eric, Taylor Salzberg. It was a great match today with all 3 rounds being decided in overtime. Eric came away with the win in round 1 then I lost it for him in round 2 by not understanding the new rules correctly and in the 3rd round OT, Eric slipped on a throw earning Taylor the deciding round and the victory. It was a tough defeat with both boys wrestling great. Eric won his other 3 matches in dominant fashion without giving up a single point to take 2nd place.

Michael came away with 1st place today winning both his matches without giving up a single point. Michael wrestled great scoring quick take downs in each round and hitting nice turns to win by tech fall in each round. Michael is closing in on his 100th career victory as he earned his 98th career win today.

Anacortes Invitational:

February 25, 2006
It’s freestyle season! Eric came away with 1st place going 4-0 on the day. Eric gave up only 2 points on the day in route to a dominating performance.

Michael also took 1st place again with a 3-0 record on the day. Michael wrestled very well and he too only gave up 2 points on the day.

State Folkstyle Championships

January 28, 2006
Michael came away from the WA. State Folkstyle Championships with a Silver medal. Michael wrestled well all day but came up a little short against a wrestler from the SWWWC, Tommy Strassenberg, in a match to determine 1st place on their side of the bracket. This was Michael’s 1st loss on the year after 32 straight victories. Michael then defeated the 1st place winner on the opposite side of the bracket to earn a rematch with Tommy to determine the WA. State Champion in the 60lb Bantam Division. Michael wrestled tough but again came up short. These two will meet again. Two years ago Michael defeated Tommy in the 2004 WA. State Freestyle State Championships to earn Michael’s 1st wrestling State Championship.
Michael had a great Folkstyle season. He finished the season with a 33-2 record, only losing to 1 wrestler, winning all six regular season tournaments and taking 2nd place in the State Championships. Freestyle season is up next.

Eric came away from the State Championships with the Bronze medal. Eric missed the first two months of the Folkstyle season. He had one month to prepare for the State championships. Eric wrestled well all day long. He won his 1st three matches then wrestled a great match against Taylor Salzberg to determine the 1st place winner on their side of the bracket. It was a tough, hard fought match by two quality wrestlers with Taylor coming away with a 5-4 victory. Eric then faced Jake Velarde, the 1st place winner on the other side of the bracket to determine who would face Taylor in the finals. Jake is another top notch wrestler. This match was another great match with some outstanding wrestling. Jake pulled out a 2-0 victory to advance to the finals where he lost to Taylor in double overtime 1-0. Eric moved into the 3rd /4th place match where he defeated Maverick Redaway 4-0 to take 3rd place.
Eric finished the Folkstyle season with a 17-3 record and took 3rd place in the State Championships. He had a good season considering his late start. Eric plans to work hard and go after the Freestyle and Greco State Championships and looks forward to more great matches against Taylor and Jake.

Eric working towards a Fall

January 21, 2006
KOTR Classic

Eric and Michael both took 1st place at the KOTR Classic today. Eric went 4-0 on the day scoring 2-tech falls, a 6-0 shut out and a 9-5 win in the finals over an always-tough Cody Fakkema. Eric improves to 13-1 on the year.

Michael went 5-0 on the day scoring 2 falls, a tech fall, a 7-2 win and a 6-4 win in the finals over his friend and training partner Tanner Belcher. Michael improves to 29-0 on the year.

Folkstyle State Championships up next weekend.

Michael scores a fall in route to 1st, Eric takes 1st too

January 15, 2006
Lake Stevens Challenge

Eric took 1st place going 6-0 on the day without giving up a single point. In round 1 Eric wrestled one of his of training partners, Gino. It was a real tough match with Eric grinding out a 4-0 win. Eric pinned his next 3 opponents and teched the forth. In round 6 he had a tough match against Cody Fakkema where he got the 1st take down followed by a reversal at the end of period 2 and held Cody down through period 3 to come away with a 4-0 win.
Eric received the Outstanding Wrestler award of the Novice division edging out his friend and training partner, Jesse Peterson, for the award. Jesse had a great day of wrestling in winning the 65lb Novice division.

Michael continues to impress. He took 1st place again today going undefeated on the day and only giving up 2 points in his 6 victories. Michael scored 4 falls, 1 tech fall and a 6-0 victory over a tough kid from the Bethel club. Michael improved his record to 24-0 on the year.

Eric's back

January 7, 2006
Oregon Classic Qualifier

Eric stepped back on the mat for his 1st tournament after recovering from a broken ankle at the end of Oct. He started by scoring a fall in his first match and followed up with a 2-0 victory in which he controlled the entire match. After a 3rd round bye, Eric faced Jake Velarde the 2005 State Freestyle and Greco Champion and Folkstyle Silver Medallist of the Novice Division, Eric won all 3 Championships in the Midget Division. After a hard fought scoreless first 2 rounds, Eric took the bottom position in the 3rd period. Eric tried to hit a Gramby but got caught on his back giving up 3 points. He tried it once again and again got caught giving up another 3 points to lose the match 0-6 and ending Eric’s winning streak at 68. Eric ran out of gas in round 3. There are three more weeks Until the State Championships. Eric will be in better shape by then. Eric scored another fall in his next match to take 2nd place. Eric is 3-1 on the year.

Michael only gave up 2 points on the day in route to adding 4 more victories on the year, 3 by fall in less than 1 min. and an 11-2 victory in the finals to take 1st place. Michael continues to wrestle well and improve week by week. Michael improves to 18-0 on the year.

Michael wins Scorpion Open

December 3, 2005
Michael continued his winning streak going 5-0 on the day to win the Scorpion Open. Michael had two pins, 2 tech falls and 1 forfeit to improve his record to 14-0 on the year.

Eric did not wrestle again today. His ankle is improving. His first tournament will be in 01/06.

Michael wins Rhino Classic

November 19, 2005

For the 2nd week in a row Michael took 1st place in the 60lb Bantam division winning all 4 of his matches, 2 by pin and 2 by tech fall. Michael wrestled very well today giving up only 4 points on the day. In the finals Michael wrestled his friend and main training partner Tanner Belcher. Tanner scored early with a 2 point take down but he got to high and Michael was able to drag him over his shoulder, hip over and place Tanner on his back to score a 2 point reversal and a 3 point near fall to end the period. In the 2nd period Michael was able to get Tanner on his back once again and scored the fall as time expired to take 1st place on the day with Tanner taking 2nd.
Season Record: 9-0

Eric didn’t wrestle today. He is still recovering from a broken ankle suffered during football season.

Anacortes Hawkeye Folkstyle Classic

November 12, 2005
Michael took 1st place in the 60lb Bantam division. He was undefeated on the day winning all 5 of his matches by Tech or Pin and he only gave up 3 points on the day. Michael wrestled very well. He has improved on his shots a great deal scoring many double leg take downs on the day off a two on one set up.
Season Record: 5-0

Eric didn’t wrestle today. He is still recovering from a broken ankle suffered during football season.

If you're going to be a "Champion", you must be willing to pay a greater price than your opponent"
By Bud Wilkinson

"There is no mat space for malcontents or dissenters. One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins nor sulks when he loses. He accepts victory professionally, humbly; he hates defeat, but makes no poor display of it."
-Dan Gable

"Losing Sucks!"
-Terry Brands

"When I'd get tired and want to stop, I'd wonder what my next opponent was doing. I'd wonder if he was still working out. I tried to visualize him. When I could see him still working, I'd start pushing myself. When I could see him in the shower, I'd push myself harder."
-Dan Gable