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Welcome to Eric's 2005 "Bulldawgs" Page

2005 NJFL Champions

2005 Richmond Bulldawg Midgets

August 27, 2005

After the Interbay game at Husky Stadium

October 15, 2005
Bulldawgs 37 Interbay 6

Eric, Mikey, Matt & Jesse

August 27, 2005
2005 Bulldawg Midgets

Dawgs making the stop

Here come the "Dawgs"

Mac makes the Tackle

Kjell with the kick, Eric with the hold for an extra point vs Interbay

October 15, 2005

Action on the Line of scrimmage

Corrales closing in

Eric at half time

Half time

Josh pressuring the QB

Mikey breaking one for a TD vs Interbay

October 15, 2005

Offense on the move Against Ballard

October 1, 2005

Glover-Smith gaining yards

Glover-Smith making another stop

Glover-Smith riding the RB to the turf, Parker with the assist

Josh Okamura blasting through looking for a sack

Mikey getting the tackle, assited by other Dawgs

Dawgs moving in for the hit.

Matt takes it on in, Touchdown Bulldawgs

Zach in for the extra point, Gunter leading the way Bulldawgs win 7-6

October 1, 2005
All Ballard & Interbay Photos on site coutesy of Josh Okamura's mom Jody.

Melisa and Jennifer Rock too. Good job with the Bulldawg Banner

Eric and Nathan ready to do battle at Husky Stadium

September 17, 2005

*Glover-Smith kicks off to start the Season

September 10, 2005
Eric and Jesse bottom left heading downfield to make a tackle

*Eric running for good yardage against the Purple

September 10, 2005

*"D" line closing in on the Purple QB

September 10, 2005

*Kjell about to get the First Inteception of the Season

September 10, 2005

*Matt goes back to pass against the Purple

September 10, 2005

And Leroy Going in for the Score 19-6 Bulldawgs

September 10, 2005

End of another win

Mikey getting yards against the Silver

August 27, 2005

Time for another game

Dawgs getting a fumble recovery 3rd Scrimmage

September 1, 2005

*Mikey Catching a pass from Matt for a TD 3rd scrimmage

September 1, 2005
August 25, 2005
*Eric hitting the QB again, 2nd scrimmage
August 25, 2005
*Get that QB #64

*2nd Scrimmage Photos

August 25, 2005
Eric, #64, closing in on a Sack
August 25, 2005
*Blue D stopping the Gold for a short gain.(Jesse, great tackle, next time, Tackle the guy with the ball)

*Leroy gaining yards

August 25, 2005

*"D" Stuffing the "O"

August 18, 2005
Eric for no gain.

*Photos of the 1st Scrimmage against the Gold

August 18, 2005

*Our Linemen hitting the Practice sled

August 17, 2005