FIFA Laws of the Game and our league's Modified Laws of the Game apply.

U5 / U6 (3v3): Maximum of 6 on the roster
U7 / U8 (4v4): Maximum of 8 on the roster
U9 / U10 (7v7): Maximum of 12 on the roster
U11 - U14 (8v8): Maximum of 14 on the roster
U15 - U18 (11v11): Maximum of 18 on the roster

U5 / U6: Four (4) 8 minute quarters
U7 / U8: Four (4) 10 minute quarters
U9 / U10: Two (2) 25 minute halves
U11 - U14: Two (2) 30 minute halves
U15 / U16: Two (2) 30 minute halves
U17 / U18: Two (2) 40 minute halves

Team with possession of the ball can substitute during a throw-in. Both teams can substitute prior to a goal kick, after a goal by either team, at half-time, or after an injury when the referee stops play.

The crease is the area immediately in front of the goal. The area is marked with an 8-foot diameter arc. Players can go in and out of the crease area. However, if an attacker touches the ball while inside the crease, the defending team is awarded the ball with a goal kick. If a goal is scored, it is not counted. If a defender touches the ball while inside the crease, it is counted as a goal for the attacking team. If the ball stops inside the crease, it is considered a "dead" ball and the defending team is awarded a goal kick.

The Mercy Rule has been implemented in order to promote sportsmanship. Below are the guidelines of the Mercy Rule:

(1) If goal differential reaches 7 or more goals in the first half, the match will terminate at half-time.
(2) If at any time during the second half the goal differential reaches 7 goals, the match will terminate.

Both teams must clear the field immediately once a match has been terminated.

All players must play at least half of the time. The only exceptions are if a player is ill or injured but the coach must notify the referee and the opposing coach of the situation. Limiting playing time may be used as part of a disciplinary action.

The home team shall provide a game ball of appropriate size, weight and pressure to the referee at the beginning of the match.

Only league-issued uniforms are authorized during a match.

All players must wear shin guards -- no players will be allowed to play without shin guards. Hard casts, whether padded or not, are prohibited. Knee braces containing metal or plastic must be covered or padded. Jewelries are not allowed, to include hair accessories containing metal or plastic. Head gears are not permitted. Baseball or football cleats are prohibited.

Our league does not keep scores or standings. Coaches must refrain from running up the score.

Slide tackles are not allowed.

Two coaches are allowed per team. Coaches must wear their badge and remain in the coach’s box during the match. Coaches without a badge will be ask to leave the field or the coach’s box. Stepping into the field during a match is not permitted. Coaches are only authorized in the field if they have to tend to an injured player and only when a referee signals the coach that it is permitted.

Only registered players are allowed to play. No guest players permitted at any time – whether during a training session or in a match.

During the match, all spectators must be located across from the teams. Absolutely no spectators allowed with the teams or behind the goals. No sideline coaching allowed from the spectators. Instead, offer encouragement and support.

Physical or verbal abuse of our referees will not be tolerated.

All players, coaches and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. Coaches and players shake hands after the match or for the younger players, parents setup a tunnel for the kids to run through.

Although we recognize that it is sometimes difficult, we would like to advise the spectators to keep sideline coaching to a minimum. Instructions to players should come from the coaches, not parents. Parents are highly recommended instead to encourage and support the players. Our league will not tolerate abusive or insulting comments from spectators directed towards any of the players, referees or coaches.

Recruiting is strictly prohibited.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and supporters. Coaches, players or spectators, who are involved in fighting, physical or verbal abuse of a referee, other coach, player, or spectator, or displaying any form of inappropriate or unacceptable behavior, will be immediately removed from the fields and will be subject to disciplinary actions, to include being banned from our league.

Hanging on goals and nets are prohibited.

Due to safety and sanitary reasons, pets, specifically dogs, are not permitted in our training areas or match fields. Only “service dogs” are allowed.

Coaches and team parents are responsible for cleaning their areas after each match or training session.

Alcohol, tobacco and glass products are not allowed in our training areas or match fields.