All teams will assign no less than two adults (suggested as unrelated) to be present at all team functions such as matches, training sessions, team parties, etc. The adults assigned can be a combination of coaches, parents, guardians, etc. While the focus of this policy is the child, it also provides protection for the volunteers in case of misunderstandings.

It is also important that each team review their car-pooling arrangements -- we highly recommend that volunteers not provide transportation for non-family members. This recommendation was more of an insurance issue but now has implications in regards to the intent of the "Times Two" policy. Failure to implement the "Times Two" program may adversely impact our organization's liability insurance coverage.


No ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, TOBACCO PRODUCTS OR PETS allowed at our training areas and at our playing fields at Pride Park & Thulemeyer Park. No exceptions please. We would like to advise our coaches and parents to please adhere to our league policies in order for us to keep using our present facilities, to include the privilege of using the training areas at various locations.


Please keep in mind the safety of our players when inclement weather approaches. In a match situation, this is a referee decision. During a training session, it is the coaches' responsibility. Although our sport is known for playing in all types of weather, thunder, lightning or electrical storms are show stoppers no matter how intense or important the match or training session. In the event of an electrical storm, play MUST be stopped immediately until the danger has passed.


In support of our league inclement weather policy, we are implementing the following rainout procedures:

1. In case of inclement weather, a decision will be made at the earliest possible time to determine if training sessions (no later than 4pm on weekdays) or matches (no later than 7am on Saturdays) will be POSTPONED (delayed for an hour) or CANCELLED.

2. Once it is determined training sessions or matches are cancelled, we will update our rainout number (210-860-4648) with the latest information. At no time will coaches determine on their own to cancel their match.

3. Once coaches have checked the rainout number, they must notify the parents as soon as possible of the situation. It is imperative coaches take a pro-active role when there is inclement weather involve. Timely notification of their parents will prevent anyone from having to drive to the training areas or match fields during inclement weather.

3. If time allows, we will also update our league website with the latest information as well as notify coaches and parents via our group electronic mail list.

4. IMPORTANT: In Texas, we all know the weather can be unpredictable. If the weather is questionable and we have not announced a cancellation notice, teams MUST show up for their training sessions or matches.

TRAINING AREAS: Each coach will determine if a training session is appropriate considering the weather condition. Use common sense in making your decision - we recommend to consider the safety of our members when making this determination.

MATCH FIELDS: League officials will determine if matches are to be played, delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather.