What is included with the registration fee?

Registration fee includes uniform & supplemental insurance. The registration fee also covers the cost of leasing the fields, field maintenance, referee fees, marketing costs such as advertisement banners & flyers, administrative costs such as telephone, office supplies, etc. Our registration fee is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, in the San Antonio metropolitan area.

What is the uniform consists of?

The uniform includes the jersey, shorts and socks.

What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

Fortunately, soccer is one of the few sports where you do not need to spend a lot of money on equipment to play the game. Your child will need shin guards, soccer cleats and a soccer ball. You will need to purchase these equipment since we do not provide them. The shin guards and soccer cleats are mandatory equipment your child needs to wear during training sessions and when playing in a match.

What size ball does my child need?

Senior Division (#5 Ball)

Under-18 (Age 17)
Under-17 (Age 16)

Junior Division (#5 Ball)

Under-16 (Age 15)
Under-15 (Age 14)

Kickers Division (#5 Ball)

Under-14 (Age 13)
Under-13 (Age 12)

Strikers Division (#4 Ball)

Under-12 (Age 11)
Under-11 (Age 10)

Wings Division (#4 Ball)

Under-10 (Age 9)
Under-9 (Age 8)

Passers Division (#3 Ball)

Under-8 (Age 7)
Under-7 (Age 6)

Pre-School Division (#3 Ball)

Under-6 (Age 5)
Under-5 (Age 4)
When and how often are the training sessions?

Coaches will determine when training is scheduled. Training sessions are normally scheduled on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday nights. Training is usually once or twice a week -- one hour per session.

Where are training sessions held?

Training sessions are held at local city parks and school facilities. We do allow coaches to also utilize other public and private facilities if those locations are better suited for their teams. By utilizing these facilities, our organization is able to minimize our operating costs and not require volunteers to maintain our training fields.

When and where are matches played?

Matches are played on weekends at Pride Park & Thulemeyer Park in Schertz.
When does the season start?

Our Fall Season normally starts in early September and ends in late October/early November. Our Spring Season normally starts in early March and ends in late April/early May. We do not have a Winter or Summer program.

What if my child has never played soccer before?

We welcome players of all skill levels. We provide a recreational environment for children to learn and play soccer. Having fun while developing skills is important, which is why we do not keep scores or standings. The overall objective of our program is maximum participation, which means every child will play at least half of every match.