10. We do not keep scores or standings. We are RECREATIONAL soccer at its best!
9. We have an IMPRESSIVE list of local and national partners and sponsors.
8. NO TRAVEL - all matches are played at our soccer venues in Schertz.
7. Our registration fee is one of the LOWEST, if not the lowest, in town.
6. We pioneered the FUN and EXCITING small-sided matches.
5. We provide entire UNIFORM KITS for all our players.
4. Our program is about QUALITY, not quantity.
3. We are a FAMILY-ORIENTED organization.
2. Our league is CO-ED, at all age-levels.
1. We’re about “KIDS HAVING FUN!”


Our league is dedicated to providing a quality program and a family-oriented environment for our players. We are flexible and accommodating - we're not too big to care! Undecided? Feel free to review our program features below and compare us with other local organizations. We are glad to provide you the features of our program so you, the parent, can make an informed decision regarding where to register your child. You will agree that we provide the best value in the San Antonio metropolitan area! Are you ready to join the thousands of other families who have already made the switch? You'll be glad you did! And you get all these features for only $60 or less!

USSF and SAY Affiliation
National Motto is "KIDS HAVING FUN!"
Family-Oriented Program (Primary Focus)
Affordable Registration Fee ($60 per player)
Co-Ed Teams at All Age-Levels
No Scores - No Standings - No Travel
Fun and Exciting Small-Sided Matches
"Neighborhood Concept" Team Formation
Complete Uniform Included (Jersey, Shorts and Socks)
Insurance Included
Matches Played at Convenient Locations
Centralized Training Facilities for All Teams
Free Clinics and Mini-Camps for All Players
Free Applebee's Kid's Meals for All Players
Free Coaches Certifications
Dynamic League Website with Up-To-Date Information
On-Line Schedules for All Teams
Convenient Early, On-Line and Walk-In Registration Services
Group E-Mail List for Timely Notification of Events


If you are interested in being a referee for our league, there are certain requirements you have to meet. The South Texas Soccer Referees, Inc. is the organization that oversees certification for our referees. Below are a couple of links to find out more information about being a referee and the certification clinics available in the local area:

Frequently Asked Questions
Referee Certification Clinics

Once you have completed your certification, click HERE to provide us your information so we can include you on our referee list.


We would like to thank our members for your support of our league fundraisers. As a non-profit organization, we depend mostly on our registration fees to operate our league. The proceeds from our fundraisers supplement our registration fees, thereby helping reduce our operating costs. In turn, our members benefit from the low registration fee that we offer. Our fundraisers help provide coaches t-shirts and cones for all teams, free coaches certifications, etc. We receive a small portion of the proceeds from donations received from the team photos and custom car window decals. Again, we would like to thank all of our members and friends for your support of our fundraisers. With your support, our league is able to provide an affordable and quality program for several thousand children to enjoy and play recreational soccer!


We are proud to announce our league sponsor, Land O' Frost! Land O' Frost is a family-owned company that has taken America by storm. Their premium brand one pound package is America's favorite premium lunchmeat, and has been for most of the last 10 years. And the Land O' Frost brand is now the seventh largest selling lunchmeat in America! Land O' Frost's commitment to product quality, customer service and category leadership has made them the nation's foremost manufacturer and marketer of both their branded and retailer private label luncheon meats. Land O' Frost products are available at local grocery stores and military commissaries. Through their generous donation and support of youth sports programs, our league will continue to provide an affordable and quality youth soccer program for children in the San Antonio metropolitan area.