What exactly is class? It's one of those valuable, "intangible," personal traits that's in high demand because it's so rare. Most people, unfortunately, do not have it. Class is being a good person, showing good sportsmanship, always taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions and being considerate to others. You have class if you show pride, have humility, poise, and display self-confidence without being arrogant.

Class athletes handle victory and defeat in the same way - graciously, with their heads held high. They don't brag in victory, or make excuses in defeat. They accept the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in stride. They always praise their opponent for a job well done, and they admit their mistakes.

Class always shows, whether you win or lose. People can tell instantly if you have class by watching you perform and interact with others. If you have class, you don't need much of anything else to be a winner. If you don't have it, whatever else you have won't make up the difference.

Fame, fortune, trophies, and glory are all fine, but they alone won't give you class. Only you can give yourself class.

From: The Edge, by Howard Ferguson