Skills Assessments and Pre-Season:

Q: When are skills assessments?
A: The 2020 skills assessments are Sundays April 5 and 19 at Lathrop High School and are  required for players ages 8 – 14, Mustang, Bronco and Pony Divisions ONLY.
Q: When are the tryouts?
A: There are no tryouts for IBL recreation/developmental teams, only the skills assessments. Tryouts for competitive baseball teams are generally in early May.  Announcements will be made at the skills Assessments.
Q: What is the last day I can sign up?
A:  Registration will remain open until maximum numbers are achieved for each division.
Q: Will there be another skills assessment other than in indoor ones?
A: Only if necessary, and will be announced after the skills assessments.
Q: I can’t make assessments.  Will I still be able to get on a team?
A: Yes, if your child played last year we can base their skill level off of their 2014 assessment.  If your child did not play last year we will do our best to assess skills based on a parent interview regarding the players’ experience.
Q: What is the age limit?
A: Ages 5-14.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Shetland (4-6) - $145.00
Pinto (7-8) - $165.00
Mustang (9-10) - $215.00
Bronco (11-12) - $235.00
Pony (13-14) - $265.00


Team Formation:

Q: Can I get my kid on the same team/ Coach as last year?
A: Coach requests may be considered during team formations - please see the team formation page for details.
Q: How do I make sure my kid is NOT on the same team/ Coach as last year?
A: Write it on your child’s registration form under special requests or talk to your division coordinator.
Q: Are the teams mixed boys and girls?
A: Yes, the IBL is open to both boys and girls, and the Interior Girls Softball Association offers an alternative option for girls ages 8-18.



Q: What does my kid need to play?
A: Each player needs a baseball glove and good running shoes.  Baseball cleats are not required. Only rubber cleats are allowed for all Divisions except Pony.  Pony Division allows metal cleats.  The IBL provides bats, helmets, baseballs and other equipment.
Q: Do I need to buy the uniform or is it included in the cost?
A: The player participation fee covers the cost of the uniforms.  Uniforms will be issued by the coach.


Coaches Corner:

Q: I coached last year.  Can I use my background check from last year?
A: No, we require a new background check every year.
Q: Can I use my military background check?
A: Yes, you can use a military or Alaska State Trooper background check.
Q: Who is required to take the Coaches Continuing Education Classes?
A: Head Coaches and Primary Assistant Coaches
Q: I want to coach, where do I start?
A: Complete and submit an application.


Baseball Season:

Q: When do games start?

The regular season begins the first week of May and goes through July.  The end-of-season Tournament is the 3rd week of July, and the season will be done by the end of July.

The Shetland Division season starts in June and goes through mid July.

Q: Do we play make-up games for rain-outs or cancellations?
A: Yes, cancelled and terminated games are generally rescheduled.
Q: I’m going on vacation.  Will that hurt the team?
A: No, we ask for your vacation days on the registration form so we can factor in player absences to the team formation process.



Q: How do I become an Umpire?
A: Contact the Fairbanks Baseball Umpires Association.  See the Contacts roster on the website main menu.