Field Maintenance

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2019 Baseball Season coming soon!


Fields Committee Chairperson position is currently vacant.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding fields - or wish to volunteer for this committee -

please contact David Soderlund.



Borough Ownership:

As many of you know, the fields and infrastructure are owned by the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and are managed by the Parks and Recreation Department.  Currently the Borough mows, aerates, and waters the fields and we are responsible for the remaining field needs.


 IBL Fields Approach Reorganization:

At IBL we spend our time, energy, and money in three basic categories concerning the fields which are: Annual Restorations, Game Preparations, and Small Improvements. 

Starting in 2016 you’ll be hearing from the Fields Committee and the IBL Board more often concerning the fields as we make the following changes:


·         Annual Restorations will be completed by both volunteers and paid contractors.  Our goal is to get every field looking as good as it can right at the beginning of the season.  The fields will all be easier to maintain throughout the season if we put the effort in early.


·         Game Preparation tasks will be assigned to one of the teams playing.  Raking the field out smooth after the game will be completed by the other team.  This will require a complete cultural shift and lots of education for players, coaches, parents.  As these players advance in age and skill level, they’ll find out that field maintenance tasks are just part of the deal.  Each team may need to do a bit more coordinating and volunteering to make sure we are playing and practicing on safe fields. Practices will be closed out by raking the fields smooth.  Look for more news on this subject soon.


·         Small Improvements have been identified and prioritized for all fields, all divisions.  In our next newsletter, we’ll publish the list of the top handful of improvement projects that will be completed in 2016.  Examples of small improvement projects are items such as installing artificial pitcher’s mounds in bullpens, building frames over batting cages for the nets, etc.


The Field Maintenance Coordinator is vacant.

Please contact David Soderlund if you have any questions.