Substitute Player Policy

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Substitute Player Policy

Please note the following information regarding substitute players for league games.  We have allocated 15 skaters and one goalie to each team in anticipation that not all players will make all games.  You are not allowed to ask someone to play in your place if you will be missing a game.  Also note that players not registered with the league are not allowed, under any circumstances, to play in league games.

The League Operations Manual states the following under article IX:

9.1  Games will begin with each team having a minimum of six players.   A team who does not have a minimum of six players forfeits the game.


9.2  A team with fewer than nine players at ten minutes before their scheduled game time may, at their option, ask other registered league players to fill in with their team.  The order in which fill-ins should be sought is: first—from the opposing team as the ice time is theirs as well; second—from players just finishing their league games; third—from other league players who are in the arena and whose teams have scheduled games the same night.  Under no circumstances should any team be asking other players in advance to come to their games.  Decisions as to whether or not to solicit extra players for a game must be made by the team that is short players just before their game time and the decision supported by a majority of the team’s regular players who are present.