Understanding the insurance provided by the KWWRHL through CARHA

Many players don't realize that the league purchases supplemental health insurance for its players.  At the same time, there is a lot of misinformation about what is and is not covered through this insurance, and what the conditions are for the coverage to apply.

Three of the most important points about the insurance are:

1) In order to be covered by the insurance, the individual must be registered with the league as a player or coach.

2) The coverage applies in excess of OHIP and any other supplemental insurance that a player may have through her employer.  If the player has no supplemental insurance, the CARHA insurance becomes secondary over OHIP.

3) Incidents resulting in injury or potential injury should be reported to the League Executive (preferraby the League President) as soon as possible.  Even if the injured player isn't sure if she will need treatment, it is best to report the injury at the time it happens as it makes it a lot easier to submit a claim later if necessary.  The player should provide her name, any other players present as witnesses, the date and time of the game, and a detailed description of not only what happened, but the physical symptoms surfacing as a result.

The document linked below lists the coverage amounts provided by the CARHA insurance and many other details such as exclusions, conditions, and definitions.

No members of the KWWRHL are authorized to make any statements about whether certain injuries will be covered by the CARHA insurance.  KWWRHL Executive members and coaches do not work for or represent CARHA, AIG, or any other insurance entity related to league player insurance.  Any statement on the part of any KWWRHL coach or Executive relating to player insurance coverage is non-binding.  Please direct your inquiries about coverage to the CARHA contacts listed in the document linked below.


CARHA Hockey Insurance Program document