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2019 Provincial Team Coaching Staffs

Baseball NL is pleased to announce the following selections for 2019 Provincial Team Coaching Staffs

15U Bantam
Head Coach: David Coates
Assistant Coaches: Kevin Higgins and David McCarthy
Chef de Mission: Tony Janes

16U Girls
Head Coach: Mark Healy
Assistant Coaches: Bob Morgan, Kristyn Coley and Jason Mosher
Chef de Mission: Michelle Healy

17U Selects
Head Coach: Greg Williams
Assistant Coaches: Trevor Murphy and Stephen Donahue

18U Midget
Head Coach: Craig Walker

21U Junior
Head Coach: Charlie Kelly

Congratulations to the above selected group of coaches. Details on unfilled positions with other teams will be made available as they are finalized.

Canada Games Team Rosters

1969 - Halifax - Placed 9th
Coaches: Charlie Riddle
Players: Fred Basha, Ron Butler, Ian Campbell, Tols Chapman, Derm Connolly, Al Dwyer, Jim Guy, Mike O'Neil, Mac Rideout, Jim Roche, Robin Short, Doug Squires, Lonz Leonard, Mickey Walsh, Phonse Jesso, Bill Hudson. (Roster is incomplete)

1973 - New Westminister/Burnaby - Placed 10th
Coaches: Al Dwyer
Players: Roger Butt, Jim Cashin, Brian Colbourne, Peter Cornick, Bill Fitzgerald, Frank Fontaine, Jim Guy, Billy Hynes, Don Howse, Larry Hutchings, Dennis Laing, Wayne Moores, Terry Ryan, Keith White, Smith (Wayne?), Tobin (Ron?), Flood (Tony?) - (Roster is incomplete)

1977 - St. John's - Placed 6th
Coaches: Joe Wadden, Jack Hurley
Players: Pete Andrews, Dave Buckingham, Glen Burt, Ted Dawe, Lou Drake, Dennis Feaver, Zane Forbes, Joel Fraser, Wayne Gollop, Dale Green, Dave Janes, Mike O'Leary, Jim Pike, Dean Roebotham, Bob Walsh, Kevin Power, Jim Mercer, Ted Mercer

1981 - Thunder Bay - Placed 6th
Coaches: Joe Wadden, Bruce Andrews, Wayne Gollop
Players: Kirk Fleming, Craig Butler, Noel Keough, Barry Reid, Rick Lane, Larry Colbourne, Darryl Snow, Darryl Meade, Sean Cull, Ron Cashin, Fred Reese, Ed Humber, Don Tulk, Ed Oates, Bob Andrews, Graham Joliffe, Dave Dowden, Doug Smith

1985 - Saint John - Placed 10th
Coaches: Don Colbourne, Alex Blanchard, Paul Moores
Players: Chris Hoyles, Mark Dawson, Wayne Burke, Paul Dowden, Gerry Brazil, Frank Humber, Darren Colbourne, Randy Tulk, Perry Alexander, Ken McLean, Robert Goulding, Pat Carroll, Gary Furlong, Doug Shallow, Sean Gulliver, Derrick Quinton, Steve Dunne, Gary Burt

1989 - Saskatoon - Placed 5th
Coaches: Tony Flood, Sean Gulliver, Ed Flood
Players: Darren Colbourne, Kent Brothers, Gary Furlong, Ian Bennett, Greg Hagerty, Mike O'Neil, Kevin Higgins, Doug Rex, Todd Carlisle, Troy March, Rob Finn, Ashley Skinner, Ken O'Brien, Barry Manuel, Kirk Gale, Jim Waugh, Sean Ellis, Craig Tulk

1993 - Kamloops - Placed 8th
Coaches: Tony Flood, Sean Gulliver , Ed Flood
Players: Todd Williams, Colin Wood, Mark Healy, Brad Parsons, Trevor March, Mike Brake, Paul Tilley, Peter Butler, Brian Clarke, Troy Croft, Dan Martyn, Paul Tilley, Cory Hodge, Sean Kennedy, Scott Hurley, John Kelly, Dale Pretty, Rod Feltham

1997 - Brandon - Placed 10th
Coaches: Tony Flood, Jim, Roche, Troy Croft
Players: Brian Farewell, Fred Price, Bob Tarbett, Jamie Roche, Darren Roche, Patrick Michael, Mark Seaborn, Dion Pardy, Trson Power, Kevin Miller, Michael Fifield, Jerry Puddicombe, Mario Tee, Jason Hurley, Trevor Lane, Mike Byrne, Tommy Brewin, Shane Druken

2001 - London - Placed 9th
Coaches: Troy Croft, Tony Flood, John Janes
Players: Mike Janes, Sean Janes, Jarrett Thorne, Steve Crouse, Gerry Stone, Michael Pottle, Graeme Layman, Mario Tee, Jon Rose, Jeff Gollop, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Jarrod Pinsent, Bill Dooley, Jamie Franey, David Parsons, Paul Boland, Rob Park, Dave Ledrew

2005 - Regina - Placed 9th
Coaches: Tony Flood, Ed Flood, Craig Shute
Players: Matthew Bannister, Stephen Barbour, Shawn Beson, Jon Butler, Frankie Carpenter, Elliot Chard, Andrew Dalton, Stephen Donahue, Robert George, Josh Janes, Lenny King, Fred Mills, John Nichols, Mark Pottle, Jarrod Power, Mark Rowsell, Ronnie Sweeney, Ryan Sweeney

2009 - Charlottetown - Placed 8th
Coaches: Bill Taggart, Chris Grimes, Jonathan Snow
Players: Noah Anderson, Stephen Brien, Kieran Buckingham, Nick Hayden, Daniel Hearn, Matt Hebbard, Justin King, Josh Lane, Stefan Lono, Ryan Legge, Mark McWhirter, Dylan Moss, Tyller Pittman, Daniel Phillips, Brad Penney, Jonathan Spracklin, Grant Vincent

2013 - Sherbrooke - Placed 9th
Coaches: Sean Gulliver, Frank Humber, Mark Healy
Players: Shane Barnes, Colton Collins, Zachary Coombs, Zack Fitzpatrick, Matt Flynn, Parker Gulliver, Tyler Hennessey, Daniel Humber, Colin Hunt, Redmond Hunt, Dylan MacKenzie, Michael McWhirter, Matt Murphy, Adam Pardy, Andrew Paul, Brad Porter, Randy Reid, Bradley Riggs, Travis Taylor, John Cooper


Canada Cup Selects Team Rosters

1989 - Brandon
Coaches: Paul Moores, Ken McLean, Sean Gulliver, Os Tilley
Players: Roster unavailable at this time - 32 players were invited to the final selection camp as follows: Troy Croft, Paul Tiller, Ian Hagerty, Jay Cowley, Dean Norman, Todd Williams, Jim Eales, Tony Walsh, Terry Snelgrove, Dan Martin, Nick Withers, Aaron Bartlett, John Bolger, Jim Waugh, Rod Feltham, Peter Butler, Brad Parsons, Fraser White, Jeff Kelly, Brian Casey, Brian Clarke, Stephen Bugden, Cory Lockyer, Brad Stuckless, Richard Basha, Colin Wood, Nelson Quilty, Dwayne Parsons, Gary Hynes, Paul McDonald, Tyrone McIsaav, Scott Marche.

1990 - Trois-Rivieres
Coaches: Paul Moores, Ken, McLean, Tony Flood, Os Tilley
Players: Peter Butler, Paul Tilley, Colin Wood, Rod Feltham, Troy Croft, Brian Clarke, Trevor March, Todd Williams, Greg Devine, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Cory Lockyer, Brad Stuckless, Mike Brake, Scott Burden, Tyrone McIsaac, Brad Parsons, Cory Hodge, Scott Hurley.

1991 - Regina
Coaches: Sean Gulliver, Ed Flood, Bren Kenny, Os Tilley
Players: Richard Basha, Mike Brake, Cory Lockyer, Dale Pretty, Karl Ruelokke, Trevor March, Dan Martyn, Troy Croft, Obie Dale, Greg Miller, Paul Tilley, Mark Healy, Cory Hodge, John Kelly, Brad Peddle, Andre Symonds, Brad Stuckless, Sean Kennedy.

1992 - Kamloops
Coaches: Sean Gulliver, Bren Kenny, Ed Flood, Gary Furlong
Players: Mike Brake, Cory Lockyer, Steve Piercey, Brad Stuckless, Stephen Roop, John Kelly, Trevor McDonald, Tyrone McIsaac, Kevin Brennan, Dan Martyn, Obie Dale, Brad Easton, Carl Hearn, Steve Pieroway, Gerald Butt, Mike Holden.

1993 - Ottawa
Coaches: Bren Kenny, Rod French, Gary Furlong, Bill Buckingham
Players Corey Penton, Brad Easton, Gerald Butt, Kevin Brennan, Tyrone McIsaac, Chris Kenny (roster is incomplete)

1994 - Moncton
Coaches: Bren Kenny, Dean Roop, Troy Croft
Players: David Browne, Mike Byrne, Craig Hodge, Jason Hurley, Trevor Lane, Jeff Loder, Jason Nash, Darryl Banfield, Daniel Byrd, Shane Druken, Brian Farewell, Toby Laing, Kevin Miller, Doug Shepherd, Steve Roop, Peter Adams, Darren Roche, Mark Seaborn.

1995 - Waterloo
Coaches: Tony Flood, Anne Morris, Dean Roop, Rick Fifield
Players: Jason Nash, Kevin Miller, Craig Hodge, Darryl Banfield, Darren Roche, Brian Farewell, Toby Laing, Mark Seaborn, Daniel Byrd, Doug Shepherd, David Browne, Michael Fifield, Dion Pardy, Mario Tee, Mike Smith, Paul O'Leary, Paul Healey, Rod Holloway.

1996 - Waterloo
Coaches: Dean Roop, Anne Morris, Peter Butler, Rick Fifield
Players: Neil Adey, Karl Dehart, Shaun Fagan, Tom Brewin, Jerry Puddicombe, Dion Pardy, Jason Crocker, Fred Price, Jeremy Budgell, Rod Holloway, Michael Fifield, Clarence Lambert, Brad Hefford, Ken O'Neil, Mario Tee, Mark Power, Darren Roche, Bob Tarbett.

1997 - Stonewall
Coaches: Dean Roop, Peter Butler, Anne Morris, Rick Fifield
Players: Brad Hefford, Dion Pardy, Christian Wareham, Keith King, Ken O'Neil, Jeremy Budgell, Eric French, Karl Dehart, Jeff Clarke, David Delaney, Chris Whelan, Stephen Crouse, Neil Adey, David parsons, Brad Wall, Jerry Puddicombe, Jason Crocker, Rod Holloway, Mario Tee, Michael Fifield, David Hoddinott.

1998 - Stonewall
Coaches: Tony Flood, Peter Butler, Dale Pretty
Players: Rob park, John Pike, Christian Wareham, David parsons, David delaney, Bill Dooley, Jamie Franey, Brad Wall, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Gerry Stone, Craig Kelly, Jon Rose, Gus Prowse, Bobby Kent, Brent Power, Liam Kelly, Sean Janes, Joey Wadden.

1999 - Trois-Rivieres
Coaches: Brian Power, Terry Gill, David Elliott, Shane Downs
Players: Rob Park, Stephen Halleran, Joey Wadden, Adam Janes, Michael Thomson, Shane Tapper, Matthew Peterson, Michael Pottle, Brent Power, John Pike, Stephen Lawlor, Grant Kenny, Ethan Gill, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Matthew Downs, Bill Dooley, Paul Boland, Greg Barry.

2000 - Stonewall
Coaches: Brian Power, Terry Gill, Dan Reardon, Shane Downs
Players: Matthew Fitzpatrick, Joe Murphy, Matthew Downs, Matthew Douglas, Rick Price, Brent Power, Trevor Clarke, Ethan Gill, Scott Reardon, David Buckingham, Michael Pottle, Grant Kenny, Michael Thomson, Brad Cramm, Chad Downey, Stephen Lawlor, David Oldford, Ryan Trenchard.

2001 - Melville
Coaches: Craig Shute, David Janes, David Elliott, Matthew Smith
Players: Chris Grimes, Brad Cramm, Greg Corbin, Mike Janes (Pasadena), Andrew Hutchings, Jason Evans, Jeff Gillam, David Oxford, Stephen Bruce, Peter Fifield, Kevin Farrell, Andrew Spurrell, Blair Stamp, Michael Thomson, Zack Janes, Sheldon Butt, Adam Byrne, Jason Kearley.

2002 - Melville
Coaches: David Janes, Craig Shute, Jon Beer, Sheldon Critch
Players: Stephen Bruce, Jeff Gillam, Mark Armstrong, Shawn Beson, Steve Lane, Josh Janes, Zack Janes, Frankie Carpenter, Elliot Chard, Peter Fifield, Mike Jason Kearley, Andrew Dalton, Jon Butler, Blair Stamp, Mark Pottle, John Nichols, Scott Stockley.

2003 - Windsor
Coaches: Craig Shute, Sheldon Critch, Jon Beer
Players: Matthew Bannister, Jon Butler, Lenny King, Andrew Snelgrove, Andre Dalton, Stephen Donahue, Ron Sweeney, John Hynes, Elliot Chard, Frankie Carpenter, Chris Doran, Josh Janes, Fred Mills, Shawn Beson, Mark Armstrong, Robert George, Ian Griffen.

2004 - Thunder Bay
Coaches: Troy Croft, Craig Shute, Ed Flood
Players: Stephen Bailey, Matthew Bannister, Stephen Barbour, Murray Bavis, David Bruce, Aaron Carey, Andrew Dalton, Stephen Donahue, Rob George, Mark Rowsell, Tony Meade, Dave Penney, Marc Richard, Andrew Snelgrove, Ron Sweeney, Ryan Sweeney, Robbie Taylor, Chris Whelan.

2005 - Medicine Hat
Coaches: Joe Wadden, Scott Mercer, Ed Buckingham
Players: Murray Bavis, David Carpenter, Jamie Downey, Justin Downey, Paul George, Larry Gray, Ryan Harnum, Adam Hickey, Andrew Lahey, Shea O'Keefe, Ian Payne, Blair Pennell, Brad Penney, Kale Simms, Robert Taylor, A.J. Whiffen, Stephen White.

2006 - Medicine Hat
Coaches: Joe Wadden, Scott Mercer, Bill Taggart, Ed Buckingham
Players: Kieran Buckingham, David Carpenter, Charles Clarke, Mike Delaney, Jamie Downey, Justin Downey, Paul George, Nick Hayden, Adam Hickey, Alex Hickman, Ray kelloway, Kerry Martin, Clifford Mugford, Brad Penney, Andrew Stockley, A.J. Whiffen.

2007 - Quebec City
Coaches: Bil Taggart, Chris Grimes, John Janes, Ed Buckingham
Players: John Blackmore, Stephen Brien, Kieran Buckingham, Charles Clarke, Justin Downey, Nick Hayden, Matt Hebbard, Adam Hickey, Josh Lane, Ryan Legge, Cody Loveridge, Clifford Mugford, Brad Penney, Micheal Piercey, Tyller Pittman, Ryan Rendell, Jonathan Spracklin.

2008 - Medicine Hat
Coaches: Scott Mercer, Andrew Lono, Andrew Martin,  Dennis Penney
Players: Daniel Hearn, Tyler Siese, Alex Griffin, Kenneth Hickey, Clifford Mugford, Brad Penney, Jonathan Spracklin, Justin Constantine, Steve Barrett, Adam Green, Dylan Moss, Stephen Brien, Noah Anderson, Kieran Buckingham, Jordan Smith, Stefan Lono, John Blackmore, Sean Gamberg.

2009 - Kindersley
Coaches: Brian Kielly, Gerard Brien, Steve Phillips, Darren Moss
Players: Michael Glynn, Daniel Phillips, Dylan Moss, Andrew Mercer, Jesse Burns, Stephen Brien, Noah Anderson, Ian McIntyre, Justin Constantine, Jordan Williams, Edward Badcock, Daniel Hearn, David Drover, Kenneth Hickey.

2010 - Kindersley
Coaches: Steve Phillips, Darren Moss, Brian Kielly, Mike Stockley
Players: Justin Manuel, Cody Hayden, Robert Stockley, Brian Kirkpatrick, Bradley Sparkes, David McCarthy, Travis Drover, Daniel Heckling, Dylan Harkness, Daniel Phillips, Dylan Moss, Bernie Morgan, Andrew Mercer, Daniel McCarthy, Dan Connors.

2011 - Moncton
Coaches: Steve Phillips, Brian Kielly, Rob Myrden, Kevin McCarthy
Players: Daniel Phillips, Sam Prowse, Alex Comeau, Matt Murphy, Bernie Morgan, Michael Glynn, Brad Ryan, Dan Connors, Brandon Jackson, Bradley Sparkes, Travis Drover, Robert Stockley, Daniel McCarthy, Jay Warford, Nathan Burt, Travis Taylor, Myles Vincent, Joshua Taylor.

2012 - London
Coaches: Rob Myrden, Charlie Kelly, Frank Humber, Kevin McCarthy
Players: Nathan Burt, Daniel McCarthy, Andrew Paul, Joshua Taylor, Travis Taylor, Myles Vincent, Curtis Kavanagh, Ryan Harnett, Randy Reid, Daniel Humber, Matt Murphy, Kevin Cashin, Jordan Boland, Jay Warford, Mattyhew Flynn, Brandon Jackson, Tyler Boland, Dan Connors.

2013 - Sherbrooke (Canada Games team)
Coaches: Sean Gulliver, Frank Humber, Mark Healy
Players: Shane Barnes, Colton Collins, Zachary Coombs, Zack Fitzpatrick, Matt Flynn, Parker Gulliver, Tyler Hennessey, Daniel Humber, Colin Hunt, Redmond Hunt, Dylan MacKenzie, Michael McWhirter, Matt Murphy, Adam Pardy, Andrew Paul, Brad Porter, Randy Reid, Bradley Riggs, Travis Taylor, John Cooper.

2014 - Saskatoon
Stephen Donahue, Trevor Murphy, Michael Lenz, Randy Hennessey 
Players: Matthew Colbourne, Christopher Kelly, Riley King, Nicholas Parsons, Tyler Hennessey, Zach Snook, Daniel Toope, Colin Hunt, Zack Fitzpatrick, Diego Lopez-Thompson, Daniel Lopez-Thompson, Parker Gulliver, James Locke, John Cooper, Ben Murphy, Keegan Spurrell, Daniel Rice, Dylan MacKenzie.

2015 - Saskatoon
Coaches: Sean Gulliver, Glenn Cribb, David Coates, Tony Janes
Players: Dawson Drake, Josh Keats, Tyler Hennessey, Daniel Hogarth, Matt Janes, John Cribb, Diego Lopez, Aaron Peach, Jaxson Gulliver, Dylan MacKenzie, Noah Donovan, Parker Gulliver, Philip Edwards, Ben Murphy, Daniel Rice, Joel Abbott, James Locke, Ryan Morgan

2016 - Fort McMurray
Coaches: Kevin Higgins, Stephen Donahue, Glenn Cribb, Tony Janes
Players: Joel Abbott, John Cribb, Nick Curran, Noah Donovan, Philip Edwards, Nick Evans, Daniel Hogarth, Andrew Janes, Matt Janes, Dylan MacKenzie, Nathan Milley, Ryan Morgan, Aaron Peach, Evan Reid, Daniel Rice, Allan Saunders, Jonathan Smith, Cole Tucker

Provincial Girls Teams

2006 - Grand Prairie - Bantam
Coaches: Wanda Butt, Jill Fowlow, Bob Ralph, Jocelyn Norman
Players: Mandi Norman, Brandy Ralph, Laura Brazil, Stephanie Hutchings, Lindsey Roberts, Kelsey Drover, Sharon Young, Shawna Young, Stacey Young, Nicole Graham, Michelle Rideout, Allison King, Katie Barbour, Collette Garland.

2007 - Quebec City - PeeWee
Coaches: Scott Adams, Sherry Lynch, Paula Shute
Players: Kristen Adams, Megan Adams, Brittany Antle, Nicole Bannister, Janelle Bishop, Victoria Bishop, Chelsee Bradbury, Lisa Bradbury, Samantha Clark, Kristen Coombs, Taylor Evely, Tiffany Janes, Sami King, Hannah Lane, Michelle Ploughman, Jillian Shute, Corleana Simms.

2012 - Bedford - Bantam
Coaches: Robert Morgan, Alex Walsh, Scott Adams, Robbie Morgan
Players: Megan Adams, Heather Healey, Victoria Curran, Dayle Prowse, Myla Burt, Vanessa Jones, April Squires, Holly Crane, Jaclyn Morgan, Stephanie Foley, Gabrielle Murphy, Cailey Drover, Melissa Verge, Mackenzie Pinet.

2013 - Bedford - Bantam
Coaches: Robert Morgan, Alex Walsh, Robbie Morgan, Jason Walsh
Players: Megan Adams, Heather Healey, Victoria Curran, Dayle Prowse, Vanessa Jones, April Squires, Holly Crane, Jaclyn Morgan, Stephanie Foley, Gabrielle Murphy, Cailey Drover, Melissa Verge, Mackenzie Pinet, Mckyla Brasil, Manuel Brooke, Jessica Gilice, Olivia Powell, Emma Ford.

2014 - Saquenay, Quebec
Bob Morgan, Mike Lenz, Kristyn Coley, Crystal Smith
Players: Noelle Drover, Victoria Reardon, Samantha Gosse, Victoria Curran, Hannah Cake, Jaclyn Morgan, McKenzie Pinet, Victoria Devereaux, Stephanie Crane, Danielle Tysson-Smith, Kaitlyn Harris, Kaitlyn Dwyer, Brooklyn
Childs, Andrea Turner, Alison Randell, Claire Howie.

2015 - Saguenay, Quebec
Coaches: Bob Morgan, Kristyn Coley, Jason Walsh, Jaclyn Morgan, Crystal Smith
Players: Kaitlyn Harris, Dayle Prowse, Samantha Gosse, Danielle Smith, Hannah Cake, Andrea Turner, Allison Randell, Stephanie Crane, Noelle Drover, Jenna Lee Ralph, Samantha Pike, Victoria Reardon, Claire Dwyer, Kaitlyn Dwyer, Claire Butt, Brooklyn Childs

2016 - Vaughan, Ontario
Coaches: Bob Morgan, Kristyn Coley, Jason Walsh, Jaclyn Morgan, Darrin O'Quinn
Players: Claire Butt, Claire Dwyer, Maddison Coombs, Jenna Lee Ralph, Megan King, Rebecca Goodyear, Hailey Martin, Bethany Brophy, Tessa Hood, Katie Penney, Andrea Turner, Hillary Reardon, Victoria Reardon, Stephanie Crane, Brooklyn Childs

Provincial Bantam Boys Teams

2013 - Vaughan, Ontario
Coaches: David Janes, Barry Reid, David McCarthy, Davis Coates
Players: Jaxson Gulliver, Michael Lewis, James Locke, Brad Greene, Joel Abbott, Daniel Rice, Ryan Ricketts, Zach Snook, John Cribb, ben Murphy, Chris Kelly, Steve Rideout, Ryan Morgan, David Hardy, Matt Janes, Colin Hunt, Blair Penney, Tyler Hennessey.

2014 - Vaughan, Ontario
David Janes, David Coates, David McCarthy, Todd Janes
Joel Abbott, John Cribb, Jaxson Gulliver, Ryan Morgan, Ryan Ricketts, Matt Janes,
Andrew Janes, Daniel Hogarth, Mason MacLeod, Aaron Peach, Josh Keats, Noah Donovan,
Adam Hennessey, Cole Tucker, Nathan Milley, Mark Janes, Ben Murphy, Daniel Rice.

2015 - Vaughan, Ontario
Coaches: Stephen Donahue, Trevor Murphy, David McCarthy, Greg Williams
Players: Graham King, Cameron Brewer, Lucas Adams, John Cribb, James Wiseman, Cole Porter, Cole Tucker, Michael Molloy, Jared Milley, Nick French, Jacob Marshall, Lucas House, Mason MacLeod, Evan Reid, Drew Bennett, Michael McCarthy, Colin Parsons, Daniel Hogarth

2016 - Summerside, PEI
Coaches: David Janes, Trevor Murphy, David Coates, Ed Flood
Players: Ben Rideout, Alejandro Lopez, Braden Lockyer, Liam Buckingham, Andrew Flood, Cole Porter, Graham King, Kyle Brown, Daniel Hogarth, Lucas Adams, Zachary Reid, Aaron Stacey, Cameron Brewer, Michael Molloy, Aaron Clarke, Steven Abbott, Nick Park

Provincial Midget Teams

2013 - Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
Coaches: Rob Myrden, Charlie Kelly, Kevin Mccarthy
Players: Ryan Kenny, Daniel McCarthy, Cody Butler, Keegan Spurrell, Matthew Lush, Brett Glover, Riley King, Ryan Dooley, Stewart Brazil, Daniel Toope, Zack Noseworthy, Devin Burns, Tyler Hennessey, Josh Kelly, Nick Parsons, Michael Clarke.

2014 - Magog, Quebec
Kevin Higgins, Scott Mercer, John Saunders, Jeff Glover
Stewart Brazil, Devin Burns, Cody Butler, Michael Clarke, Zack Coombs, Matt Flynn, Brett Glover, Brandon Jackson, Riley King, Adam Pardy, Bradley Riggs, Jonathan Cooper, Michael Lewis, Noah Wilson, Keegan Spurrell, Zach Noseworthy.

2015 - Magog/Sherbrooke, Quebec
Coaches: Kevin Higgins, Randy Hennessey, Aaron Flood, Brian Hunt
Players: Brian Evely, James Locke, Michael Clarke, Anthony Roche, Aaron Peach, Michael Lewis, Blair Penney, Daniel Rice, Brett Glover, Tyler Hennessey, Matt Colbourne, Colin Hunt, John Cooper, Kyle Power, Riley King, Josh Keats, Noah Wilson, Keegan Spurrell

2016 - Sherbrooke, Quebec
Coaches: Aaron Flood, Colin Abbott, Neil MacKenzie, Jason Peach
Players: James Locke, Daniel Rice, Tyler Gardner, Riley King, John Cribb, Adam Hennessey, Blair Penney, Doug King, Dylan MacKenzie, Chris Kelly, Allan Saunders, Keegan Spurrell, Aaron Peach, Michael Lewis, Ben Murphy, Draven Moss, Joel Abbott

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