Inclement Weather Policy

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* In the event of school closures for inclement weather all evening events are cancelled.

* In the event of an early dismissal for inclement weather all events are cancelled.

* In the event of a late opening for inclement we there is no effect on a scheduled event. If inclement weather hits after school is dismissed, it is up to the users to determine the cancellation of the event.

* If an event is under way and bad weather hits, it is the responsibility of the users to determine if the conditions warrant cancellation of the event.

* If the event is underway and the Snow Emergency Plan is initiated the event should be cancelled ASAP.

* All activities scheduled for weekends and/or holidays shall be canceled if the snow emergency plan is in effect at anytime the day of or still in effect at 8:00 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled event. Unless required for school-based activities, snow removal should not be expected and appropriate precautions taken by users.