Baseball Programs

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SAA Baseball Program Information: 

Intramural Programs are structured by grade.  Tournament Teams and Travel Baseball is structured by age.  Detailed information can be found by selecting the menu link for the program of interest. Click on the desired program menu for detailed information.

 Summary information of all baseball programs is below.  Page down further for general information regarding our travel program.  Detailed info can be found by selecting the Travel Baseball menu. 

Intramural Baseball Programs:

Tee Ball -  Boys and Girls in kindergarten. Play Saturdays at Church Rd Park.  Hit off batting tee.
Coach Pitch - Boys in first grade. Play Sat or Sun at Meadow Green Park (Behind Moes Grill).  Coaches pitch safety ball.
Cal Ripken Rookies- Boys in 2nd grade.  Play Sat or Sun plus 1 weeknight at Wildwood Park field.  Players pitch a real ball.  Tournament teams are also available and offered to players in this league.
Cal Ripken Minors - Boys in 3rd and 4th grade. Ages 8-10.  Play about 2-3 times per week at Jane Lownes Park and Walsh Park.  Kids pitch a real ball.  Tournament teams are also offered to players in this league. Tourney teams are selected via tryouts.
Cal Ripken Majors - Boys in 5-6th grade (possibly some 7th). Ages 10-12.  Play 2-3 times per week at NetherwoodPark.  Tournament teams are also offered to players in this league. Tourney teams are selected via tryouts.
Teeners - Boys in 7th, 8th and 9th grade.  Play 2-3 times per week at ETR Middle School and Church Rd Park.  Tournament teams may also offered to players in this league based upon interest level. Tourney teams are selected via tryouts.

To sign up for these programs you must first register your child as an SAA member for the current calendar year.  There is an SAA registration link in the menu area to the left.  During the registration process you can sign up for sports programs also.  To sign your child up for any of the programs listed above simply sign up for "Intramural Baseball".  Our directors will use your registration info to place your child in the correct program.

Once your child is registered and signed up for intramural baseball the rest of the process varies by grade group.  Tee ball, machine pitch and coach pitch players will receive a phone call by their assigned coach sometime just before the opening day.  Please stay tuned to this web site for the scheduling of opening day.

Players in 2nd grade and higher are all evaluated for level of skill prior to team assignments.  This is an effort by your program directors and coaches to build teams and leagues as evenly in talent as possible.  These "evaluation clinics" will take place sometime in early March.  The schedule will be posted on this web site and be announced in the Springfield Press.  Please do your best to get your child to the evaluation clinic.  It's our most valuable tool in trying to structure teams evenly.  It's also a fun time for the kids.   Teams are organized after the clinics and coaches will call players in about 1 week after the evaluation clinics.  If your child misses the clinic he will still be assigned to a team.

Tournament Teams:

All tournament teams are formed out of the Springfield AA Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Teeners leagues.  There is not an online signup for tournament teams.  For ages 8-12, SAA offers teams that compete in the Cal Ripken tournaments and/or other local tournaments.  These teams are formed by tryout evaluation.  Tryouts for tournament teams usually will begin in late March / early April.    Watch the Cal Ripken Tournament Team page of the web site for tryout schedules.  Tournament teams for anyone playing in our 7/8/9 grade teeners league are offered based on interest from within the league. If there is enough interest, teams for 13,14 and 15 year olds are formed by tryout evaluation and begin in mid May.  The ability to field teams at 13/14 & 15 year old level is dependent on the level of  player interest and ability to identify coaches.   Travel program players cannot tryout or play on tourney teams.

Travel Baseball Program:

Travel Teams - The travel baseball program progression follows the American Legion Baseball system.  Travel baseball is available to players eligible to play on 90 foot bases.  Players should be 13 or in 7th grade to play travel baseball.  Registration and signup is same as above but select "Travel Baseball".  Travel teams are filled by tryouts.  Tryout schedules will be posted on this web site and in the Springfield Press.  Coaches will also call anybody who signs up for travel baseball.  Please stay informed by watching this web site for schedule changes.  There is an additional $100 fee applied to travel teams.  This fee is collected separately from the general registration dues.  A check (payable to SAA) for $100 should be sent with the player to tryout sessions.