May 7, 2015

Here are the final results for bunting and stealing as proposed below

*No Bunting

To Maintain 5
To Change 4

The No bunting rule is still in  effect


You can only steal when your team is tied or behind during the game

To Maintain 7
To Change 2


There will be no changes for 45/50 and over tournaments in Vintage Baseball for the upcoming 2015 season.

Tom Manuel

Vintage Baseball is pleased to announce that Tom Manuel will become the new Commissioner (left vacant by the unfortunate passing of Bryan Hart)

Tom Manuel's started on the Vintage Baseball executive as Vice President in early 90's then became Vintage Baseball President mid 90's up until Rich Knight took over in 2005, Tom continued on as a role of "Past President" to mentor, guide and support the VBFO executive in whichever way he could.

Tom's responsibilities as The VBFO Commissioner will include:

Looking after VBFO finances presenting "Annual  Report" at AGM

To continue assisting Vice President and President in their roles

Accepting nominations for the "Vintage Wall of Fame"

Please join me in congratulating  Tom Manuel

Thank you,

Rich Knight
President Vintage Baseball

A message from the Barrie Red Sox Oldtimers Baseball Club

This Season, the Barrie Red Sox Oldtimers Baseball Club has made an unprecedented decision that will benefit the safety of their players and any other team they meet on the field. The Red Sox, as an age 35 and older group, have enjoyed extending their baseball playing years since 1980. 

Playing, while aging, has often brought the expected muscle pull and other injuries over the years. Unfortunately, in the past three years, the team had witnessed more serious types of health issues for two, younger team members. In July 2012, Neil Campbell died suddenly and in June 2014 a second player survived a mild heart attack. These instances both occurred on the field and the memories have remained permanent in teammate minds.

At their 2015 annual spring meeting Greg Grant, a long time member and witness to both of the serious incidents above, suggested the team invest into an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) so they would be prepared in the future event any player required immediate attention for heart related concerns. The team fully supported this idea and then approached John McEachern for guidance on an appropriate AED for their team. John, as lead person for the Chase McEachern Memorial was very helpful to offer his extensive knowledge leading to the purchase of a new AED from a company named Rescue 7 Inc.

In our research of acquiring an AED we noted that a lot of work has been done by many organizations to ensure these life saving devices are available to people of all ages. We are aware many schools and recreation centres already have AEDs located on their premises as local governments have strongly supported their value. The Barrie Red Sox Oldtimers are fortunate to have been able to acquire and benefit from securing our own AED for practices, games and for sharing with all other teams we meet. Acknowledging the security issues, hopefully AEDs will continue to be considered for active outdoor sports park facilities as well.



2015 Schedule


June 12,13,14 - 35,44  - Tillsonburg (contact Derek Partlo email

Game #1 35+ Tillsonburg 3     Walsingham 2

Game #2 44+ Oakville 9          Hamilton 2

Game #3 44+ Tecumseh 8      Duff-Simcoe 4

Game #4  35+ Woodslee 5      Tillsonburg 3

Game #5  35+ Walsingham 5  Tecumseh 12

Game #6  44+ Oakville 16        Duff-Simce 4

Game #7  44+ Tecumseh 8      Hamilton 5

Game #8  35+ Tecumseh 2      Woodslee 3


the 1st game played on Friday, June 12th while games 2-8 played on Saturday, June 13th.  all games scheduled for Sunday, June 14th unplayable due to heavy rains.  tentative rescheduling of qualifier for playoff games and subsequent playoff games to be determined until further notice.

June 20,21 - 35 - Barrie

Oakville A's 11 Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers 1

Dufferin-Simcoe Braves 8 Welland 3

Dufferin-Simcoe Braves 11 Oakville A's 8

Dufferin-Simcoe Rockers defeat Welland

June 27,28 - 45 - Welland - RAINED OUT :(

July 4,5 - 35 - Walsingham

Walsingham 3 Oakville 2

Tillsonburg 3 Oakville 2

Tillsonburg 5 Walsingham 4

July 18,19 - 35 Dufferin Simcoe 

Dufferin Simcoe 4 Oakville 4

Barrie 2 Oakville 1

July 31 - Aug 3 Nats-Yarmouth NS

35+ Yarmouth Gateways

43+ Scarborough Maroons

50+ Oakville Golden A's

Aug 29,30 - 50 Provincials - Scarborough

Tecumseh GGs 6 Oakville Golden A's 2

Sept 12,13 - 45 Provincials -Welland - RAINED OUT :(

Sept 18-20 - 35 Provincials-Brampton

Scarborough 10 Woodslee 16


Remember your Vintage Fee (which includes insurance for your team) must be paid by April 30th please send to

Rich Knight

1483 Lorne Park Rd.,

Mississauga, ON L5H 3B2