2019 All-Star Game

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Senior Game - 1 p.m.               Junior Game - 4 p.m.

Princess of Wales Park, Orangeville

The senior and junior all-star games will be played Saturday, July 6 at Princess of Wales park in Orangeville.

The senior game starts at 1 p.m. followed by the junior contest at 4 p.m.

The senior contest will feature a 9-inning game between the East Division All-Stars and the West Division All-Stars. The divisions are based on historical divisons within the league. Twenty players and three coaches make up the roster for each team.

The junior game will be 7 innings in length with a 16-man roster and two coaches. The Orillia Royals and Orangeville Rockies will have eight players each on team Bandits and will face team Royals with eight players each from the Ivy Blues and Mansfield Cubs.

Come on out and enjoy some great baseball.

Below are the players selected for the All-Star Game.

Senior Division All-Star Game

East Division All-Stars

Alliston Athletics - Jake Quinlan, Marshall Flindall

Barrie Angels - Blake Faulds, Jake Morris, Brandon Tippin

Bolton Brewers - Daniel Accardo, Chris Fafalios, Luis Ortiz, Alex Pagilia

Bolton Dodgers - Eamonn Chiodo, Marlon Young

Ivy Rangers - Adrian Gutierrez, Cody Ploughman, Jake Ploughman

Midland Mariners - Nick Boyd, Jake Flower, Jeff Shilling

Orangeville Giants - Carson Burns, Nathan Drury, Josh Hickey

Manager - Ron DiPalma, Bolton Dodgers

Coach - Carter Burnside, Bolton Brewers

Coach - Nick Hodgson, Orangeville Giants

West Division All-Stars

Clarksburg Blues - Andrew Blakey, Alonzo St. Louis

Clearview Orioles - Tristan Cabral, Adam Hendy, Daniel Morningstar

Creemore Braves - Jeff Akitt, Marc Dupuis, Zack Hayward

Ivy Leafs - Steve Bowman, Brett Elliott, Josh Henson

Lisle Astros - Kris Allary, Jake Luck, Zach Scragg

Mansfield Cubs - Jeff Christman, Eric Jones

New Lowell Knights - Chris Greer, Mack Morrish, Chris Rettie, Tanner Zeggil, 

Manager - Vance White, Ivy Leafs

Coach - Jesse McIntyre, New Lowell Knights 

Coach - Kyle Warren, Clearview Orioles


Junior Division All-Star Game

(Ivy Blues & Mansfield Cubs)

Ivy Blues - Thomas Barnes, Ryan Barr, Tyler Huitema, Charlie Jeans, Brendan Lovell, Ryan McLean, Daniel Miller, Brady Robinson

Mansfield Cubs - Aaron Arbon, Jake Armstrong, Aaron Dempsey, Zaacary Helmer, Scott Pendleton, Brody Real, Roy Walters, Connor Wiley

Coach - Alex Jeans, Ivy Blues

Coach - Randy Pendleton, Mansfield Clubs

(Orangeville Rockies & Orillia Royals)

Orangeville Rockies - James Clubine, Eric Dion, DJ Doiron, Ty Doney, Matthew Haire, Nick Reid, Mitchell Skilton, Michael Zambito

Orillia Royals - Pierson French, Gavin Lapp, Ian Legault, Matt Marshall, Brett Provenzano, Mike Provenzano Jr., Joshua Richard, Mason Timson

Coach - Anthony Zambito, Orangeville Rockies

Coach - Mike Provenzano, Orillia Royals

Park Address

Princess of Wales Park,
2 Saxon Street,
Orangeville, ON.

Contact Information

North Dufferin Baseball League:

Scott W. Anderson,
North Dufferin Baseball League,

Orangeville Giants Baseball Club:

Nathan Drury,
Orangeville Giants Baseball Club,