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2018  VBFO Schedule

May 26/27….2nd Annual Windsor/Woodslee Vintage Tournament 35+

Contact - dprescott1@cogeco.ca


Congratulations to the Woodslee 35’s, for winning the 35+ Championship, in the 2nd Annual Windsor/Woodslee Spring Tournament! 

On the 44+ side, Tecumseh and Woodslee played to a 1-1 draw, in Sundays Final game.


35+ Division

Sat, May 26th

1:00 PM  Woodslee 35’s 6 vs Tillsonburg 1

4:30 PM  Tillsonburg 5 vs Tecumseh 35’s 4

7:00 PM  Tecumseh 35’s vs Woodslee 35’s (tie)


Sun, May 27th

10:00 AM  Semi-Final Game…Tillsonburg vs Tecumseh 6

1:00 PM Championship Game….Tecumseh 1 vs Woodslee 11 (5 innings)

44+ Division

Sat, May 26th

10:00 AM Tecumseh 44’s 8 vs Woodslee 44’s 0

1:00 PM  Walsingham vs Tecumseh 44’s 7

4:00 PM  Woodslee 44’s 12 vs Walsingham 1


Sun, May 27th 

11:00 AM  Woodslee 44’s vs Tecumseh 44’s (tie)


June 2 - Welland 55+ 1day
Contact - legendsbaseball@cogeco.ca

Welland 14, Hamilton 3

Oakville 10, Hamilton 3

Oakville 4, Welland 1


June 9/10 - Tillsonburg 35+ / 45+ 
Contact - derekpartlo@live.ca

June 16 - Barrie 35+ 1 day event
Contact - jimscriver@rogers.com

From Jim Scriver, "We had a great day for baseball as the weather was warm and both diamonds were in good shape. We had four teams participate .... Dufferin Simcoe Rockers, Creemore Braves, Oakville A's and Barrie Red Sox. Conveniently, the diamonds are located side by side making it easy for teams to move from one to the other.

All teams played two games each (home and away). They all shared in the oldtimer spirit as each team won and lost a game. I believe no one got hurt as well. The sweat was chilled by cool beer after the games." 

June 23/24 - Welland 45+
Contact - legendsbaseball@cogeco.ca

Buffalo 9, Hamilton 1

Buffalo 9, Barrie 6

Tecumseh 9, Hamilton 1

Tecumseh 6, Barrie 3

Sunday games were canceled because of rain 

July. 21/22 - Walsingham TBD
Contact - gsmithson@hotmail.ca

Aug 3/4/5/6 - Nationals PEI
Contact - blanchardalf@gmail.com

see the website for further updates https://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=cnobf

Sept 8/9 - Welland 50+ Provincials
Contact - legendsbaseball@cogeco.ca

sat sept 8 @ burgar

 welland 10 vs barrie 2

barrie 6 vs scarboro 12

duff-simcoe 2 vs welland 7

tecumseh 12 vs duff-simcoe 7


@ M3 (memorial park #3)

 oakville 4 vs carleton pl. 3

carleton pl. 5 vs tecumseh 12

scarboro 1 vs oakville 2


sun sept 9 @ burgar

10am carleton pl. 12 & barrie 4

12:30 tecumseh 3 & Oakville 13

3:00 championship:

oakville 12 scarboro 9


@ M3 10am scarboro 8 duff-simcoe 3

thanks to ALL teams for traveling to welland to participate in this tourney – special thanks to Carleton place who were playing for the 1st time this year & were competitive!! – the final was an exciting game – scarboro took a 6-0 lead – oakville came back to lead 8-6 – scarboro re-took the lead 9-8 but oakville again re-took the lead & won 12-9

Sept 22/23 - Windsor 35+ Provincials
Contact - dprescott1@cogeco.ca

Saturday, Sept 22nd 

11am-     Tecumseh 11 vs Port Lambton 0

12pm-     Woodslee vs Tri-County 2

2pm-       Scarboro  vs Burlington 5

2:30pm- Port Lambton 11 vs Brampton 0

5pm-       Tri-County  vs Scarboro 1

5pm-       Burlington  vs Tecumseh 15

5pm-       Brampton vs Woodslee 8


Sunday,Sept 23rd

Consolation Semi-Finals:

10am       6th  (Scarboro)  vs 7th (Brampton) 5

Semi- Finals:

10am-     1st (Woodslee)  vs 4th (Port Lambton) 2

10am-     2nd (Tecumseh) vs 3rd (Tri-County) 2


Consolation Championship Game:

1pm-     Scarboro vs 5th (Burlington) 7


Championship Game:

1pm-      Tecumseh vs Woodslee 5


Just wanted to pass along our congratulations to the Woodslee Orioles, for their victory in the 35+ Vintage Provincial Championships, defeating Tecumseh 5-0, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Mic Mac Park, in Windsor.

And also to the Burlington team, that captured the Consolation Round Championships, over Scarboro, in a game played over at Woodslee, also Sunday afternoon.


I hope the prize for the Consolation winners was worth staying and competing for….and will be put to good use!

…sometimes its tough to get up for those Sunday games, after Saturday heartbreakers.


We had great weather all weekend, the diamonds were all in fantastic condition, and with some help from local players, we were able to field 7 competitive teams.


I hope that all of the teams that came down had a great weekend….and will come back in the future!



Derek Prescott


Sept 29/30 - Woodslee 45+ Provincials
Contact howiebaseball24@gmail.com