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Bux Mount Saints Bucks/Mont

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bucks/Mont

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Special Rules:

CYO uses PIAA Rules.
35 point rule = running clock.

No SCREW in spikes.


 Kickoffs have been a key area of discussion for our league as well as leagues across the country.  In our  ongoing discussions,  we have been working to determine the best approach for our league.  It goes without saying that our league is committed to player safety and player development.  For this year, we are taking a step forward in this ongoing effort.  Here are the changes for kickoffs at each level:


Varsity Level:  We are keeping kickoffs as is at the Varsity Level with one change regarding onside kicks.  Onside kicks will only be permitted in the 4th quarter by the team that is losing. The Ball will be placed on the Receiving Team's 40 yard line if the ball does not go past 20 yards in the air. 


Junior Varsity Level:
Kickoffs will only be at the start of each half.  After score, the next possession will begin at the 35 yard line