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The main purpose of the Montgomery County Flag Football Association is to provide a flag football league for children ages five and six.  It is organized as a fun league, while teaching the fundamentals of football and sportsmanship.




Player Eligibility

·         Children must be five (5) years of age prior to August 31 of the playing year and cannot turn seven (7) prior to August 31 of the playing year.


·         Each team will be allowed two (2) players whose weight is more than seventy-five (75) pounds at the official weigh-in date to be one the field at one time.



Each team will hand in a completed copy of their team roster, with birth certificates attached prior to the official weigh in.


Copies of birth certificates should be brought to each game.  Before each game coaches must exchange rosters which lists players name and jersey number and indicates which players are over 75#.



The head coach shall be responsible for the proficiency, conduct and indoctrination of the coaching staff with respect to their relationships with the players in teaching and upholding the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, conduct and team spirit, along with the proper teaching of the fundamentals of the game of football.


The head coach is responsible to provide playing time in the game for all participating players commensurate with the constraints of time, game situations and individual skill and knowledge level at that time.


The head coach and athletic director of each organization are responsible for the actions and behavior of the parents and spectators.  This means no inappropriate language or actions toward the referees and the opposing team's players and fans.


****A maximum of two (2) coaches must be on the playing field at all times.


·         Offensive coaches must stand five (5) yards behind the offensive backfield and cannot move or give instructions once the ball is in play.


·         Defensive coaches must stand approximately ten (10) yards out to the sides of their team and cannot move or give instructions once the ball is in play.


Playing Field

The field will be fifty-five (55) yards in width and eighty (80) yards in length.


Grass must be cut and the field properly marked and lined.


Home team must supply the down and zone marker and the chain crew.


Inclement Weather

The league recommends that games not be played during inclement weather. The player's safety and welfare must be considered above all. Cancelled games will be rescheduled.


Home team must contact referee scheduler and opposing team 2 ½ hours before game time.


Commissioner must be contacted if there is disagreement among head coaches whether a game should be called due to inclement weather.


Equipment and Uniforms



Each team should have two different colored sets of flags between 14 to 20 inches in length and a minimum of 2 inches in width.  They must be a contrasting color from the pants worn.  The belt must have 3 flags, 2 worn on the sides and 1 worn in the rear.  Each team should wear a different color set of flags at game time.



Game Jerseys must have clearly visible numbers on both the front and rear.


Game pants must be football pants with knee and thigh pads inserted.  Use of a girdle is optional.


Mouthpiece And Cup

All players must have a mouthpiece and athletic supporter and cup in at all times.  Players are not permitted on the field of play without this equipment.



All purpose spikes must be worn, sneakers are not permitted.


Game Ball

Game ball must be a K-2 model or equivalent and is to be supplied by the home team.


Playing Time

All games will have four (4) quarters, each of fifteen minutes.  There will be a seven (7) minute halftime.


The clock will stop for injuries and time outs only.


Each team will be permitted two (2) time outs per half.


There shall be a two minute warning before the end of each half.


The clock will stop if there is a score within the last two minutes of a period to allow the opposing team to get the ball back.


Games can end in a tie, there will be no overtime playoffs.




There will be nine (9) players on the field for each team.





There shall be no tackling of a ball carrier, passer or kicker. 


Ending Plays

The player carrying or having possession of the ball is down when a flag is removed from their waist.  Once a flag is removed the play ends.


·         The defensive player shall hold the flag above their head and remain at the location where the flag was removed. 

·         The defensive player cannot hold or push the ball carrier to remove or assist in removing the flag. 

·         A defensive player cannot push or block a ball carrier out of bounds.


Play will also end when the offensive player is down on both knees or the flag belt or one or more of the flags from the belt falls from the player.  Should any of these occur, the play is down at the location that the flag or belt fell.


Defensive Formations

Only four (4) defensive players can line up, one yard off the ball, on the defensive line of scrimmage. 

·         They must line up head to head, with the offensive line.

·          No player can line up over the offensive center.

·          Defensive backs must line up no closer that four (4) feet to the line of scrimmage.

·         All players must remain stationary, until the ball is snapped.



There can be no blitzing of the defensive backs, that is the defensive backs cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the ball carrier has passed either offensive tackle.



Play ends if the ball is fumbled.  There shall be no turnovers on a fumble.  If a ball is fumbled across the line of scrimmage the ball will be placed at the point of the fumble.  If the ball is fumbled behind the line of scrimmage the ball shall be returned to the original line of scrimmage.



The ball can be turned over on an interception, and advanced.


Stripping The Ball

Stripping the ball carrier of the ball will be considered a fumble and the play will be dead at the spot of the fumble.  Stripped balls cannot be advanced.



On a safety the defense will gain possession of the ball and the ball will be returned to their own twenty (20) yard line for their offensive takeover.




Flags must be worn on the hips, one on each side and one to the rear.


Jerseys must be tucked in at all times and cannot block access to any part of the flag.  If flags are inaccessible or fall off, the play ends where this occurs.


Offensive Formations

The offense must have six (6) players on the line of scrimmage.  One of these players must line up as a wide receiver.


·         Blockers must keep their feet at all times. 

·         No lineman can assume a three point stance except the center. 

·         All linemen, except the center must simply stand at the line of scrimmage and await the snap.  They are permitted to stand at a ready position with their hands on their thighs. 

·         The center must stand up before attempting to block an opposing player.

·         There shall be no "Center Sneaks".


Use Of Hands And Head

Offensive linemen must keep their hands in, for example the "chicken wing" block.


The ball carrier cannot use their hands or arms to protect their flags from being pulled.  Stiff arming by a ball carrier is illegal.


The ball carrier cannot lower his head to dive or run into a defensive player. 


Scoring Limit

Each individual offensive player may not score a total of more than eighteen (18) points.  Should a player score on a play that puts the player over the allowed limit, the ball will be returned to the line of scrimmage and the play will result in a loss of down.


First Downs

Each team will have four downs to advance to a first down.


Play Clock

Each team will have forty-five (45) seconds, from the time the ball is marked, in which to run their next play.  Failure to do so will result in a penalty.



All players are eligible for forward passes.  If both an offensive and defensive player share possession after a pass, the offensive team will be awarded possession of the ball at that spot.



There will be no punting.  When the offense opts to punt, the ball is advanced twenty (20) yards and the defense assumes possession. The ball cannot be advanced past the ten (10) yard line.


Extra Points

One (1) point shall be awarded for a successful extra point attempt in which the ball was carried over the goal line.


Two (2) points shall be awarded for a successful extra point attempt in which the ball was passed over the line of scrimmage.



There will be no kickoffs.


The offense will start possession at their own twenty (20) yard line.



  • Delay of Game - 3 yards
  • Offside - 3 yards
  • Pushing out of bounds - 5 yards
  • Personal Foul - 5 yards
  • Blocking below the waist - 5 yards
  • Holding  - 5 yards
  • Any other penalty - 5 yards
  • Tackling - 5 yards from the spot of the foul
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct - 10 yards

2016 Game Fee: $38