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The PEAYF uses National Federation of High School rules, except for the following changes.





NO Sudden Death will be allowed.


There will ONLY be one time out granted to each team per overtime period – (remaining timeouts during regulation game do not carry over)


The Referee will conduct a coin toss and the winner has the option of: Defense or Offense (Speak with Game management about which end zone to play the overtime at or select the end zone closest to where all the officials are parked)


Teams will attempt to break the tie ball game with each team having two possessions (if required)


First possession will consist of four(4) downs starting from the 10 yard line… and if required… the second possession will consist of four(4) downs starting at the 5 yard line. All additional possessions will remain on the 5 yard line until a winner is declared


All dead ball penalties will be enforced at the succeeding spot during overtime play.


Extra points will be attempted




Players Equipment:


Sneakers, molded or screw in spikes are allowed


Mouthpiece must be attached to face mask


Game/Field Equipment:


Each team will provide their own footballs ( must be a leather game ball) for the game. All game balls must be conforming to AYF rules. Home team must provide, CHAINS, LINE MARKERS, GOAL POST PADS. All sidelines must be roped off.


Game Clock

 10 Minute Quarters


Clock stops at all change of possessions and at the end of each half with two(2) minutes remaining.


League will have a running clock once a team goes up by 34 points or 6 TDs.



A Touchdown is worth 6 points. A PAT is worth 2 points if KICKED, and a successful PAT by running or passing is worth 1 point.


Field Goals are worth 3 points.


Center / Long Snapper:


During a long snap for purposes of a punt or extra point, the center will NOT have a defensive player head up. In case of an offensive formation with the SHOTGUN snap, the defense will be allowed to have a defensive player head up on the center.


Mercy Rule:


PEAYF will use 34 points or 5 TDs:


Once the mercy rule is in effect the game will have a running clock.


Once the mercy rule is in effect there will still be kick offs but no onside kicks will be allowed.


Winning team is prohibited from running any misdirection, counter, reverses or trick plays.


IMPORTANT: Once the 34 point mercy rule is in effect, the team up by 34 points or 6 TDs is declared the winner of the game, no matter what the outcome of the game may be.