Little Guys Conference

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ARCO Officials who have been inducted into the Little Guys Conference
Hall of Fame
1993 - Bob Lutz
1995 - John Crank & Ray Perri
1996 - Joe Delvin
2000 - Chip Machemer
2003 - Nick Raimo
2011 - Steve Godfrey ( Coach/League official/Referee)
2012 - Rick Levans

Bucks County
Far Northeast
Frankford Chargers
Liberty Bell
Oxford Circle

LGFC Special Rules

1. Any team winning by 24 points or more will be brought before the Board

of Directors and disciplinary action will be imposed were applicable.

2. After any score or at the start of the second half, any team trailing

by 18 points or more will have the ball placed on the opponents 40

yard line and take possession of the ball.

3. A team with an eighteen (18) point lead or more may surrender the ball at

the line of scrimmage. The trailing team must accept possession of the ball.

4. On fourth down, if a team is inside its own 20 yard line, they may have the

option to have the ball placed 20 yards down the field and surrender the


5. All face mask penalties - 10 yards.

6. Offense or defense cannot enter the neutral zone (Blown dead - 5 yard


7. Official shall notify the offending teams Head Coach on all penalties.

8. All extra point attempts are from the two (2) yard line. Kicked extra points

count as two (2) points.

9. Four ten minute quarters, Federation Clock - 2 minute warning. Clock starts on snap after 2 minute warning.
10. 3 coahes & 3 players can go goal line to goal line.
11. Ball must be an official LGFC football.  (don't get to involved in this, the league will handle it .


Junior League { Sunday }
All rules are same as Saturday Games.
2 officials per game