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How to use EGWF High Performance Training
The Elias George Wrestling Foundation (EGWF) website is a comprehensive, systematic, High Performance Training plan for coaches and athletes.  EGWF was designed to be used daily, consistently, & alongside with the everyday training executed in the wrestling room.  EGWF High Performance Training is suggested for student athletes in high school and above plus coaches. Coaches can also use EGWF High Performance Training as teaching aids for student athletes below the high school level.  

Coaches and athletes should use the menu on the left side of the page and follow along the titles as they are listed i.e.

  1. HPT (13 videos)

  2. HPT-PST (14 videos)

  3. HPT II (7 videos)

  4. Coach Shannyn Talks (30 videos)

Each segment has audio/video media that will enhance High Performance Training over the course of a season, annual plan, & career.  The idea behind giving you 65 videos of High Performance Training is to get you to execute long term athlete development, 1 video daily, over the course of the season, year, and career.  

Who is Coach Shannyn and why should he be trusted?
Coach Shannyn is a Bronze level certified USA Wrestling National Coaches Education Program and American Sport Education Program coach.  He has coached at the Olympic, collegiate, high school, and kids level for over 20 years plus has had considerable success at those levels using the EGWF High Performance Training process.

He also was a resident athlete at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO (2 years) and a U.S. Olympic Education Center coach in Marquette, MI (8 years).  To date, this feat (USOTC resident athlete and coach) has only been accomplished by a handful of individuals in the USA.

For more about Coach Shannyn, please click here. 

Why should everyone use EGWF High Performance Training?
Once the basics, fundamentals, or principles of HPT are mastered, a lifetime of optimal training or exercising can be applied to enhance everyday living.  The mind and the body need to be consistently challenged through a systematic plan that will fortify striving for excellence on a daily basis.  

Sprint or Marathon?
Most athletes seasons and careers are more like a marathon when compared to a sprint. Would you train or practice for 1 day and enter the state championships or national championships or world championships?  
You wouldn't train or practice for 1 day (sprint) and enter any contest would you?  Most athletes prepare in the wrestling room for seasons (marathon) prior to competing in the events just mentioned.  EGWF is provided to help you optimally prepare daily.  One video per day will assist your ability to decrease fatigue (mentally or physically) while also helping you peak for big competitions.  EGWF High Performance Training is a critical factor for the growth and development of by what Tony Robbins calls "constant and never ending improvement".  

How often do you train?
Most high school through international level athletes train daily during the course of their respective seasons.  
What happens when these athletes stop training?  When most athletes stop training, they lose form or touch or feel or fitness or the psychological edge they need to compete consistently at a high level.  EGWF should be used during your seasons and everyday that you have training.  After you have completed the 65 videos, 1 per day to reinforce what you have learned, begin the next cycle starting from the beginning.  When you do this, you will continue to fortify your strengths and be ready for every competition.  

When is the best time to use EGWF High Performance Training?
The best time to use HPT is in the morning right after you wake up.  The next best time to use EGWF is about 30 minutes right before practice.  You can also use EGWF High Performance Training while you are travelling to school or work or anytime you would normally use an MP3 player or radio or television.  HPT was designed to be used daily on the go via your phone or at home via your personal computer.

How will I know if EGWF is working?
You will know if EGWF is working when you start to use the High Performance Training strategies being taught on this website in your competitions on a consistent basis.  You will notice EGWF is working when you are more aware of how and why your body/mind is feeling on a daily basis. W
hen you continuously (daily) apply the HPT strategies being taught, you will begin to feel optimally ready for competitions.  When you master and consistently apply the concepts of EGWF, you will more than likely be a leader in your wrestling room.  

How long does it take for EGWF to work? 
How long does the normal training you are currently doing take to work?  For many, it takes years of Practice, Patience, & Persistence to achieve the goals of any training plan.  EGWF is provided to enhance the normal training that you are already doing. We believe the HPT strategies being taught will aid and assist your current training.  In other words, if you use your current training plus the EGWF preparation strategies outlined here daily, you are likely to improve more.  EGWF High Performance Training will not replace your current training, but, it will enhance your current preparation!  

What if I want more High Performance Training?  
We are currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on a book to be published soon to help you form a HPT system.  
You can also find some very helpful High Performance Training tools in Training Plans.  Next, we will provide weekly High Performance Training strategies for coaches and athletes likely this wrestling season on the websites provided below.    Finally, you can find updates to EGWF High Performance Training at:

Have a great season, year, & career!

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