High Performance Training

HPT was designed to be used on the go via your phone or at home via your personal computer.  Please click links to watch videos.  

Unleash your power!

High Performance Training videos for wrestling coaches.  

High Performance Training 

In this section, learn about optimal training designs, peaking & tap-
ering plus the concepts of recovery that lead to high performance
training via slideshows with examples of graphs and diagrams.


Psychological Skills Training

In this section, learn how to achieve a higher level of thinking &
doing with specific modes of mental training that are being used
by National Governing Bodies via the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Academic Skills Training 

In this section, learn  how to unlock the secrets of great study habits
to create a systematic way to high performance training in the class-
room or, more accurately, where ever 
you study.


Strategies for Sport Parents

Parents, care-givers, & guardians are an essential part of the be-
low success triangle.  This series of slideshows helps parents im-
plement high performance strategies for and with their athletes.

Sports Nutrition Strategies 

In order to successfully make weight, and compete at a high level 
consistently, teams could use the services of: certified nutritionists;
registered dieticians or nutrition lectures; videos; & power points.


How to use EGWF High Performance Training 

The Elias George Wrestling Foundation (EGWF) website is a compre-
hensive, systematic, High Performance Training plan for coaches &
athletes.  EGWF was designed to... For more info, click image.




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