High Performance Training - PST

HPT-PST is a 14-day audio/video based program that can be used on the go via your phone or at home via your personal computer.  Please click links to watch videos.  

Unleash your power!

High Performance Training videos for wrestling coaches.


High Performance Training - PST Day 1: Intro

Looking for the psychological edge in sport, life, and much more?  Discover
what many super athletes use daily to separate themselves from their comp-
etitors.  Find out what PST means and how you can add this to your arsenal.




High Performance Training - PST Day 2: Advanced Imagery

Learn how to use imagery to strengthen your ability to change the way you feel about training, competing, and preparing for the season. Control the consistent images you see to determine your actions to optimally perform.

High Performance Training - PST Day 3: Advanced Focus

Distractions are the enemy of success...  Learn how to eliminate bad calls, bad images, and other distractions that stop you from achieving your goals.  Focus helps you reach your potential by streamlining your ability to keep your eye on the prize of success.


High Performance Training - PST Day 4: Advanced Goals

Learn how to create a process of goal setting/getting that helps build moti- vation and confidence.  Understanding how to plan, set, & attain goals is the
cornerstone of achievement.

High Performance Training - PST Day 5: Advanced Self-Talk

Controlling what you say determines how you think.  That concept is crucial for those looking to plant productive seeds of long term growth and develop- ment. Discover ways & means to consistently optimally feed your mind.


High Performance Training - PST Day 6: Advanced Energy Management

Emotional intelligence, emotional control, & emotional discipline are all forms of managing your energy.  When this energy manage- ment skill is applied consistently, you control your destiny.

High Performance Training - PST Day 7: Advanced Performance Planning

Using all of the HPT - Psychological Skills Training consistently to perform is called Performance Planning.  Learn how to tie all of the PST skills in this series together to plan your achievements.

High Performance Training - PST Day 8: Meanings

What you think will determine your actions.  Your thoughts impact you feel. How you feel correlates to the meaning you give to everything.  Learn strategies to control your meanings to enhance High Performance Training.

High Performance Training - PST Day 9: Looking for Challenges

Changing the meaning to fortify success is one step to increase your perfor- mance. The next level is to look for challenges in all that you do.  This will give you an opportunity to overcome most obstacles.


High Performance Training - PST Day 10: Looking for Examples

Another strategy that employs the changing meaning concept is to become a student of sport.  Learn what others are doing to consistently have success by searching for examples of above average performance to apply to your HPT.

High Performance Training - PST Day 11: Tracking & Monitoring

How do you know if you are improving, staying the same, or not improving? Tracking & Monitoring shows you how to systematically evaluate your long term growth & development with several unique ways & means.   

High Performance Training - PST Day 12: Basics of Living

Once you master the basics of most skills, you are closer to having success in the vehicle you choose to become great at.  Learn some of the secrets about sleeping. training, & eating the champions are using consistently. 

High Performance Training - PST Day 13: Bonus Round

Brick-by-brick, you can build your long term athletic development plan while having fun.  In this video, learn how to consistently, per-
sistently, and daily achieve your goals.

High Performance Training - PST Day 14: Bonus Round 2

Discover how to continuously strengthen your High Performance Training - PST abilities without cutting weight.  Here you will learn optional ways to strengthen all of your skill sets.


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