PA State Criminal Record and Child Abuse Clearances

Contact BIG League for information on the new PA law concerning clearances.


As you all know, PA State Criminal Record and Child Abuse clearances, are
  required for anyone that will be used as on field personnel involved
 in ANY BIG League game. The new PA State law stipulates that all volunteers must also either have their fingerprints processed by the FBI or receive an exemption.
 This includes all coaches, score keepers etc.
 Each organization will be required to submit to BL, no later
 than the coaches meetings, a complete list of all those a fore mentioned
 personnel. This must also state that your organization is "certifying"
 that you have received clearances on the personnel listed. It should be
 signed by whoever you designate as the responsible party from your
  Please remember, no one will be permitted in the dugouts or on the
 fields unless their name is on that list. If an organization fails to
 submit their list prior to the start of the season, their teams will
 forfeit any scheduled games until the required form is submitted.

Click on "rules and forms" to find links to the PA State sites where you will find instructions on how to complete and submit the required forms.