Minutes from VBFO 2013 AGM


Teams either conference call or in attendance

Barrie - Greg Grant
Brampton - Dan Nall
Burlington - Dan Pokeradi
Dufferin Simcoe - Tom Anderson
Hamilton - Todd Breedon
Kingston - Pat Baldwin
Oakville - Rob Fisher
Scarborough - Mike Burke
Tilsonburg - Sam Lamb
Tecumseh - Tim Lessard
Walsingham - TBC
Welland - Dan Radobenko / Frank Iker

Braulmeisters /Buffalo / Carleton Place / York / Woodslee


Opening Remarks (Rich Knight)
Tournaments entries seem to be down in last few years, hoping some suggestions under New Business will help.

Asked that we have councilors / directors in each area ( Central / East / West) Tom Manuel to assist

Also encouraged to not only look at website but to inform of any news items, whether it be sad / or good, informative or educational to be sent to Rich or Greg McEachern

Financial Report

Voted to Accept Sam Lamb, 2nd Mike Burke

Old Business

Nothing to report

New Business

Insurance - Rob Fisher and Rich Knight to look into current insurance  through OBA (via John Gill) to understand the policy thoroughly (meet with OBA next Tuesday)

Tournament Cost - Dan Radobenko suggest to raise cost from $250 to $350  due to cost increases in Parks, Umpire Fees, and baseballs
Pat Baldwin (Kingston) Suggested Performance Bond should be increased to cover the cost  in tournaments

Tournament Structures to make all games 7 innings with 2 hour and 15 minute time limit (allowing one pitcher at any time to go 3 innings)
To be voted on

Concerns brought forward

(Ties are an issue (Sam Lamb)
Rich noted it should be up to host how the Ties are accepted or broken due to Time constraints)

Greg Grant asked why tournament rules are not all consistent throughout all tournaments / all age brackets  and Rich promised that
Dan Radobenko and Rich (will look into)

National Tournament voting, Rich Knight stated how important it was that the Ontario Teams who are the reason CNOBF started and exists have the right to vote on the 7 constitutional issues that may change. Those teams that where not sent the issues before and that have appeared in the Nationals within the last 6 years will have the opportunity to vote providing the pay the $50 annual fee

Closing Remarks

Rich Knight wished everyone well and looked forward to seeing everyone in the spring