Absent- Burlington, Tillsonburg, Woodslee, Mississauga, GHBL , Buffalo 

Present - in person or by phone - Barrie, Kingston, Hamilton, Walsingham, Milton, Tecumseh, Scarborough, Carleton Place, Ottawa, Brampton, Welland,  Dufferin Simcoe, Oakville
Opening Remarks - President Rich Knight opened the meeting at 12:01 pm & Welcomed everyone. It was acknowledged that 2014 was a good year on the field. He then reviewed the passings of those members who have left us in the last 12 months.
Financial Report - accepted by the members as per earlier e-mail - Bob from Carlton Place asked for a copy as he wasn't on the e-mail list

Masters Report - Dan Radobenko  reported that there was no completed tournament for the 50+ division mainly because of the passing of Oakville's Ross Hill.  The 45+ tournament was held in Welland with 6 teams participating with Welland winning the championship.

The 35+ tournament was held in Oakville with 10 teams participating with Walsingham winning the championship.

New Business

1. Rich had mentioned that the National Federation is adopting 43+ age group a change from the 44+. He was suggesting that Ontario also adopt this age group. There was discussion about this. It was agreed that there would be a poll conducted by e-mail on whether Ontario wants to also go from a 45 and over (you can play provided you have turn 4s) to a 43 by January 1st have that current year age category. This is part of the  Constitution and must be voted the entire membership.
Mark Potter (Walsingham) made the motion, Dan Nall (Brampton) 2nd

2. Rule Changes

a) Bunting - Greg McEachern (Oakville) made a motion that the bunting rule be changed to allow for bunting in all age groups.   The motion was 2nd by Carleton Place.

b)Stealing - it was suggested that a rule change to allow stealing be implemented  in the Masters age groups. Two scenarios were discussed. Stealing allowed regardless of the score or no stealing if up by 4 runs or more. Many in attendance agreed to forgo the condition & just vote on whether stealing be allowed. Rob Fisher  (Oakville) motioned that we implement a rule change to allow stealing, 2nd by Beaudoin  (Hamilton).

Dan Radobenko suggested that only teams who participate in the Masters Divisions be allowed to vote on these rule changes. Carleton  Place concurred.

Note: Rich Knight to conduct  the votes  on these issues in New Business via e-mail

3. Rich & the executive support the premise that all teams be allowed to host provincial championships.  He also mentioned that there is an expectation for all teams to attempt to attend these tournaments.

4. Congrats to Dan Nall (Brampton) for hosting the 2014 Nationals. It was suggested that the teams go to the Nationals website for the latest rule changes.  Rob Fisher mentioned that there was an e-mail from the organizing committee in Yarmouth to expedite their plans if attending ie) book rooms now

5. There was a request to solicit the group on who may be  going to Yarmouth & in which age group.

Yes - Barrie, Oakville, Dufferin Simcoe  50+

Yes- Walsingham , Dufferin Simcoe, Brampton  35+

Maybe - Brampton 43+, Tecomseh 50+

No - Kingston, Hamilton, Welland, Carleton Place, Milton

6. Due to  the passing of Bryan Hart the vintage fees can now be payable to Vintage Ball Federation Ontario

Please send to
Rich Knight
1483 Lorne Park Rd
Mississauga Ontario
L5H 3B2

Rich explained that the fee pays in part for liability insurance of $2 M. This also includes some secondary insurance ie) physio therapy. Tom Anderson from Dufferin Simcoe wondered if the insurance would provide any coverage for beer gardens at tournaments. Those in attendance agreed that more comprehensive insurance would be required. The price for the insurance through the Ontario Baseball Association is $2.55 per player. The Executive is budgeting for 20 teams with 20 players per team. Mike Burke from Scarborough mentioned that they already get insurance, why pay twice? Other teams may be in the same situation. Rich mentioned that these teams may only have to pay 50% of vintage fees. As an additional comment Dan (Welland) mentioned that getting a licence for selling beer is expensive & invites inspectors. Ottawa mentioned they need to get insurance for their beer tent, they can't hide.
Tournament Schedule

Posted on the website- July 18,19 in Dufferin Simcoe is tentative. Scarborough asked for a tentative commitment from the teams in attendance for their 50+ provincials as they need to know in advance how many parks they may need. It was determined that a commitment be made by July 15 to insure that a team gets in.

Tecumseh 60/40

Welland 90/10

Ottawa, Oakvile - yes

Hamilton, Barrie 50/50

Carleton, Dufferin 40/60

Brampton - no

Oakville was tentatively planning a 1 day event maybe on Sept. 26 or 27 & Carleton Pl. was hoping for a tournament the 1st w/end in June.
Final Comments

Dan & Rich to coordinate wording for the new Masters age group before it goes to vote.

Dufferin Simcoe 35+ questioned why the 35+ was held so late in the year? Rich explained that many teams enjoyed September baseball as probably the #1 reason among others.

There was a  tribute to Bryan Hart as a result of his recent passing . Bryan was a member of the Executive and he will be missed. As a result, Rich explained that Vintage Baseball Ontario is always looking for help and to please send an e-mail to him if interested. 

Rich concluded the meeting by thanking everyone in attendance and wishing  all a successful season.

The meeting ended at 1:02 pm.