8U/10U Softball

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Our softball leagues for girls ages 7 - 10 help develop and reinforce basic softball skills. Girls will learn how to be part of a team and work together. Ages 7 - 8 (8U) are coach pitch with ages 9 - 10 (10U) being player pitch. Most of the girls play T-Ball prior to coming to the softball leagues, but this is not required. 



In the 8U league, the girls will continue to learn throwing and hitting along with more focus on making the play defensively.  There is no stealing.  

 Our 10U league is the first time the girls will begin to pitch.  In this league they will continue to sharpen their hitting, fielding, and throwing skills while learning to pitch with more focus on the catcher position as well.  

At the end of the season, each league will have a All Star team that will play in 2 to 3 tournaments.


2017 Schedule (All Leagues &/Or Just Your Team):  Link

2017 8U Standings:  Link

2017 8U Tournament:  Link  (or REVISED 6/23 PDF)

2017 10U Standings:  Link

2017 8U Rules

2017 10U Rules



If you have Questions Concerning our 8U League Please contact Josh Gold.


If you have questions concerning our 10U League Please contact Josh Gold.