A-Ball is the next step after T-Ball or occasionally the first year for some boys. In A-Ball the coaches pitch the ball to the hitter. Coaches will continue to develop the players hitting and defensive skills. Catchers will be outfitted in full catchers gear, but players are not allowed to lead off or steal any base.


Schedule:  Link

Standings:  Link


Important Dates for the 2017 Season:

  -  Picture Day is April 22nd.  You should have received a email with the schedule and order form.  

  -  Opening day is April 29th.  A Ball will have 8 of the 13 teams play.  Each team plays 12 games.  

           -  9 Tipp City Teams

           -  3 Bethel Teams

           -  1 Troy Christian Team

  -  No games on May 27th due to Memorial Day.  We will pay games on May 26th  

  -  June 16th is when the regular season will end.  June 17th is a day to play cancelled games.  

  -  Tournament starts on June 19th with the plan to be completed with the tournament on or before June 24th  

  -  This year I am introducing a new event for A Ball.  It is called Stars of the Game.  F Minor / F Major did it last year and it worked well.  The plan is for the coaches to nominate their top players for the Stars of the Game (total of 20-26 players).  We will play the Stars of the Game the week of June 26th.  The All Star Coaches will be able to select from this game on who will go forward to represent the Tipp City Junior Baseball A Ball League (Tipp City, Bethel and Troy Christian are all eligible).   



I am looking for someone to take over as the A Ball Commissioner next year.  This is my final year in running the league.  Please contact me at broeringbrian@gmail.com if you are interested.  



The maximum allowed bat barrel diameter is 2-1/4" for A Ball. (Posted on 2/26/2016) 


2017 Schedules are posted.  On the main page click on Schedule (towards the bottom) and make sure your filter is set to A Ball.  Follow the same process for the Standings.  


A Ball rules are located on the Handout Link.  Made a few updates based on majority rules among the coaches.  


Trophies are awarded for 1st and 2nd place in the post season tournament.

 If you have questions, feel free to contact the commissioner Brian Broering