F-Major is for 11 and 12 yr olds. It is the first year of true baseball. In F-Major the players are allowed to lead off and steal bases and steal home. Fielders will continue to work on their defensive skills. Catchers will work on blocking pitches, throwing to bases and preventing players from stealing home. Pitchers will need to continue to develop their skills. They will need to be able to pitch from the wind up and the stretch position. Base runners will be leading off and players will learn how to prevent them from stealing the next bases.

Tipp City plays in a North Miami Valley Rec League which includes Bethel, Troy & Vandalia.


Trophies are awarded for 1st and 2nd place for the regular season.  3rd Place may receive a medal.  There is a double elimination post season tournament.


After the post season tournament, a "Stars of the League" Game will be played.  The plan is for the coaches to nominate their top players for the Stars of the Game (total of 22-26 players).  We will play the Stars of the Game the week of June 26th.  NOTE:  This game is not a try-out for the all-star team.  We anticipate selections of the all-star team to be completed at that time.


In July, Tipp City Junior Baseball will have an All-Star team to compete in 3 regional tournaments.  Tipp City and Bethel are all eligible.


2017 Schedule:  Link

2017 Schedule (All Leagues &/Or Just Your Team):  Link

2017 Standings:  Link

2017 Tournament Bracket:  Link  (or PDF as of 6/20 games)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the 2017 F-Major commissioner Norman May