Our E-League consists of players 13-15 years old.  

TCJB will accept the first 12 players.  A waiting list will be establish until the next 12 players sign-up for second team.  We had two teams in 2017.  A third team will be established once another 12 players sign-up.  We will not have teams of 15 this year.  We will limited to 12 per team.

The league that we play in is the North Miami Valley Baseball League. It is made up of E-Minor, E-Major and Senior Division teams from Bradford, Bethel, Tipp City, Troy, Troy Christian and Vandalia. Home games are played at Kyle Park Field #4 while we travel to the away games in the various cities. There are generally around 14 games with a single elimination tournament being held at the end of the season.

All baseball games shall be played under Ohio High School Athletic Association rules and the pitching distance will be sixty feet six inches (60' 6") with a baseline of ninety (90) feet.


2017 Schedule (All Leagues &/Or Just Your Team):  Link (almost complete)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the 2018 E League commissioner Mike Underwood.

This Board Position is in need of additional support, please contact Mike Underwood.