F-Minor is for boys wanting to continue their baseball learning process. F-Minor is the first year the players may be given the opportunity to pitch, steal bases and attempt to throw them out from the catcher position. These are a couple big years for the kids. F-Minor is a transition period from A-Ball (coach pitch) to full blown baseball (F-Major). Coaches will work on teaching the kids proper pitching techniques, develop catchers and continue to work on defensive skills.

Tipp City plays in a North Miami Valley Rec League which includes Bethel & Vandalia.  Tipp City & Bethel will participate in a mid-season challenge with Troy with each team having a home and away game.



Trophies are awarded for 1st and 2nd place for the regular season.  3rd Place will receive a medal.  There is a single elimination post season tournament.


After the post season tournament, a "Stars of the League" Game will be played.  The plan is for the coaches to nominate their top players for the Stars of the Game (total of 22-26 players).  We will play the Stars of the Game the week of June 26th.  NOTE:  This game is not a try-out for the all-star team.  We anticipate selections of the all-star team to be completed at that time.


In July, Tipp City Junior Baseball will have an All-Star team to compete in 3 regional tournaments.  Tipp City and Bethel are all eligible.


2017 Schedule:  Link

2017 Standings:  Link

2017 F Minor Tournament:  Link  (or PDF as of 6/20 games)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the 2017 F-Minor commissioner Sam Noffsinger with support from Norman May (2016 F-Minor commissioner).