2018 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes




Date/Time:     Wednesday February 28th, 2018 – 7:15PM


Location:         Legion Upstairs


In Attendance: (bold indicates attendance)


Doug Dwyer, Pete Hayward, Will Goodin, Tim Osmond, Dave Fleming, Gord Tanner, Geoff Keogh, Jim Smith, Randy Hipken, Larry Turner, Al Bales, Paul Piellusch, Tim Schrank, Jason Bowers, Paul Gyori, David Polny,  Dennis Short, Lou Conforti, Hugh Armstrong, Don Booth, Chris Pulfer, Dane Eldridge, Kevin Clouthier, Kevin Boston, James Taylor, Peter Hollmann, Rob Farah, Bob Candy, Chuck Cragg, Steve Black


Guests: Derrell Hager, Jason Chiovitti, Matt Saunders, Dave Connolly, Derryl Gaudet, Al Lacey, Brad Young


Minutes in blue, action items in purple, motions in red.



Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Housekeeping Items:

·         Meeting opened at 7:15pm

·         All teams represented by a Captain with the exception of the Draft Kings

·         Doug indicated that there is a high expectation of responsibilities for captains to participate and communicate on behalf of their teams and their league.  This is in accordance with the captains handbook first published by Steve Ross. 

Doug Dwyer




Treasurer’s Report

·         Sponsorship Revenue increased to $4650 compared to $4250.  This combined with no longer giving away free banquet tickets creates a positive $1500.00 saving and revenue for the league. 

·         As of the day of the meeting 21 registration payments had been received

·         14 sponsors were confirmed, 2 pending with 1 new sponsor for the 2018 season

·         Paul Piellusch motioned to accept Treasurer’s report, seconded by Rob Farah, motion passed

Tim Osmond


Old Business Items (carryover from AGM)


·         Trophy case at the Legion has been emptied, anyone with League trophies can have them placed in the case


·         Retaining Team Colours

·         Discussion on how to decide how teams choose a colour

·         Kevin Boston motioned that teams have a right to retain their colours from last season or choose from the pool of colours that teams did not want to retain, seconded by Rob Farah, motion defeated

·         David Connolly motioned that team colours be selected by Captain seniority in the league, seconded by James Taylor, motion defeated


·         Request to provide Father and Son-in-Law as well as father and son.

·         Randy Hipken requested that as Father and sons are able to play together, those that do not have a son, are able to play with their son-in-law

·         An official vote was not conducted, and the request was accepted


·         Make decision on dimension of strike mat

·         3 options were presented, one option was to keep the same mat used in 2017, one mat that maintained the size of last year’s mat with the plate cut out to remove the plate from the strike zone, and the last option which kept the same dimensions of the mat from last year but the front 8 inches are removed, removing the front 8 inches of the strike zone

·         Paul Piellusch motioned to change the strike mat to the option that cuts the plate out of the mat, keeping the existing length and width of the mat, seconded by Gord Tanner, motion accepted

·         Dave Polny suggested to have a committee of last year’s pitchers be made to make recommendations to the size and shape of the strike mat. To be discussed at open floor

·         Kevin Clouthier motioned to make the strike mat out of wood as opposed to the existing rubber material, provisional on SPN and insurance approval, seconded by Gord Tanner, motion accepted 


·         Make decision on May Tournament

·         Doug Dwyer presented case for having a May tournament that could allow the league the opportunity to play the targeted 26 games, allow teams to get to know and bond with their new teammates.

·         There would be a 4 game schedule for every team, including 2 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday

·         There is no cost for the players in the tournament as the games are considered regular season games

·         Concerns were raised regarding the safety of the players, playing a tournament in the early season, as some believe that more injuries occur early in the season

·         Concern also raised that there is a certain percentage of players that cannot play on weekends and that may affect how that team is able to be represented in the tournament

·         Pete Hayward motioned to make to play a May tournament to be composed of 4 regular season games for each team, seconded by Rob Farah, motion defeated 


·         List of proposed captain and sequence of submission

Doug Dwyer


New Business Items



New AGM Procedures

·         Constitution Addendum handed out to captains, and to be emailed.

·         Captains to review, to be discussed at the next meeting 

Doug Dwyer


Selection of team colours and draft order

·         Team colour selection was determined by a blind draft, results in order of colour selection

·         Dog Catchers

·         Gruesome Devils

·         Draft Kings

·         Hot Tub Woodies

·         Dusty Cleats

·         Inglorious Batsters

·         Grisslies

·         Rusty Rebels

·         Sons of Pitches

·         Dodge City

·         Beer Bros

·         Hurtin Units

·         Bat Flippers

·         Tottenham Twisters of New Tecumseth

·         Sliders

·         Master Batters

·         Tap Masters

·         Draft order to be in the reverse of the team colour selection order

Doug Dwyer


Town Status / Update

·         Parks and Recreation budget up %18

·         Policy changed to maintaining grass length at 2 ½ - 3 inches’ long

·         Existing leagues are grandfathered in to keeping their diamond time

Doug Dwyer


Implication of rule changes

·         Possible reconsideration of tag rule at home plate

·         To be discussed at the next meeting

·         Helmet rule discussed in further detail to point out that if a player comes to the plate without a helmet he will be asked to put on a helmet. If he refuses he will be ejected from the game, with possible implications of a team not being able to finish the game, based on how many players the team has available to play

·         Iterated that a player’s helmet must remain on their head until that play is over, and the helmet must remain on if the player attempts to run to second base or beyond

·         If a player’s helmet comes off while running, then a warning can be issued. If this reoccurs it is up to the discretion of the umpire to issue a warning or have a player ejected

Doug Dwyer






Capital Planning Committee Report

·         Lighting Coventry 1 (C1) is the main objective

·         The TOT league to donate $15,000, while approaching the CRIC committee for $15,000 and fundraise for additional monies

·         With the $15,000 going to the project, the league will still have $4-5000 in the account to run the league

·         The lighting of C1 is on the 2019 town budget

·         Paul Piellusch, Rob Farah and Jason Bowers volunteered to be on the Capital Planning Committee

Doug Dwyer, Al Lacey, Tim Osmond



Review of 2018 Events

Golf Tournament - Dave Connolly

·         June 9th 1:00pm shotgun start at Caledon Woods

·         Closer than the Nottawasaga

·         Early bird pricing of $95 if registered by April 22nd.

·         BBQ dinner included

·         Invitation out to the Ladies Slo pitch League


Help the Kids Play, August Tournament, Playoff Tournament and Banquet – Pete Hayward

·         Committee has met once so far with second meeting scheduled for March




Ratings Committee Report


·         Doug Dwyer, Hugh Armstrong, Paul Gyori, Darrell Hager, Chris Pulfer and Scott Peters thanked for leading Geoff through the first meeting of the ratings committee.

·         After the captain’s rating were recorded the committee had to look at each ranking and move players up or down to accommodate having 17 players in each rank, in keeping with the 17 team target

·         We have then removed the players that we know are not returning this season, and when registration is complete we can fill the gaps

Geoff Keogh


Update on P1 Registration

·          Dave Connolly mentioned that there was positive feedback from last year’s pitcher clinic and asked if it would happen again this year

·         Doug Dwyer to look into running clinic again

·         Update on P1 to come later

Derryl Gaudet




Rookie Night

·          Pete and Geoff have met regarding rookie night

·         Jason Bowers to supply pizza for the evening

Pete Hayward, Geoff Keogh




Open Floor

·         Dave Polny motioned to create a committee to be made up of last year’s pitchers to make recommendations to the captains and executive, regarding the dimensions of the mat, seconded by Rob Farah, motion passed

·         Dave Connolly enquired if the TOT League can assist Tottenham Minor Baseball increase its registration.

Doug Dwyer indicated that we have sync’d up our registration dates to coincide with all other Tottenham leagues and we’ll be advertising for other leagues when we reach our full compliment of 204 players + a waiting list of 10 players.   

·         Doug Dwyer motioned to adjourn, seconded by Pete Hayward, motion passed